My Favorite Small Gifts For Christmas

My favorite small gifts for Christmas

I don’t know about you, but I like to keep a look out for gifts throughout the year that I can give to some of my favorite people. These are gifts that may be fun, or useful, or simply something that makes life a little easier.And most of them are under $25.00! So today I’m sharing a few of my favorite small gifts for Christmas.

wireless Remote

These wireless remotes are a new find for me.The hubs ordered them when we started decorating for Christmas. I LOVE them. It could be said that I may even be obsessed with them. Simply plug them into an outlet and the remote controls anything that you plug into it. My first place to use it this year was on the lights on the fireplace mantel. Whoever invented this is a true genius!

I bought one of these bangle keychains earlier in the year. First thought – they were something my Granny would have loved. However, after using it for a few days I have to admit that its pretty darn handy! No more digging in my purse for keys. I loved it so much that I’ve bought them for my sisters and as a PoKeeno gift. You can find some here and they are a much better price than I paid!

Burts Bees Lip Balm

This gift isn’t something new, in fact while I try other lip balms, I always seem to go back to these. My favorite is the pomegranate or the original. Your lips will thank you.

Kiss glue on nails

Now don’t judge me on my next item!Every now and then I want my nails to look fabulous. And they don’t.Painting and crafting can leave your hands and nails looking dried out, cracked and like sand paper. So these are a go to for me! They look so good, I’ve had people stop me on the street and ask who did my nails, including my BFF who used to be a super picky nail tech. Trust me on this one!

magnetic car phone holder

This next one is for all of you gadget peeps out there. The Hubs bought one of these a few years ago and uses it almost every day. This magnetic car phone holder clips into an air vent and holds your phone perfectly. Comes in pretty handy when you are using Waze!

Papermate Flair felt pens

I’ve loved these pens since I was a teenager. Yes, that is a LONG time ago. They are the perfect pens for decorating and keeping my calendar looking pretty and up to date. Not only do they write well, but they don’t bleed through the paper. That’s a win for me!

Cuddl Duds socks

Last Christmas my sister gifted me a six pack of these Cuddl Duds socks. They are so soft and comfortable that you may not want to wear any other sock ever. Did I say they were soft? And comfortable? My favorites, hands down.

apple watch with a leopard band

My next recommendation is this leopard Apple Watch band. I finally got on the Apple watch bandwagon and I love it. When I purchased it, I chose the pink band. I like it okay, but when I saw this leopard one, I was in lurve with it! For under $20.00 it is surprisingly well made and very comfortable.

Until next time…