Hi! I’m Tammy, an artist and designer based out of  Mansfield, TX. I believe that everyone can have a unique and beautiful home with very little money, a little paint, and a lot of  imagination!

For years I’ve shopped garage sales, thrift stores and gladly taken hand-me-down furniture and given them a little make over (sometimes a really BIG  makeover) to make my home unique and stylish. I hope to inspire you to do the same!



  • Laura Marec

    Happy New Year!
    I love your blog.
    I have a question regarding your June 9, 2014 post about the really big crown centerpiece that you bought at Gracie Lane. I wish I could find one like it. Do you know if they would have another one at the shop where you bought it? Have you seen any more like it?
    I live in Southern CA and have not seen any online or anywhere else. Thank you so much for your help! I wish you the very best!

    • Tammy

      Laura – Thanks so much! I really love my big crown but have no idea where to find another. However, I will check with the shop at Gracie Lane and see if they have another or would have an idea where to get one for you. Will get back with you soon! Thanks again for stopping by and the sweet comments!

  • Laura Marec

    Dear Tammy, Thank you so much for your efforts on my behalf! Did your crown show a company or maker name on the bottom of it?
    If you’d like, please respond to my email address: lmarec@roadrunner.com
    By the way, I just love the way you decorated your crown! Just gorgeous!
    Thanks again and I hope to hear from you soon! Happy New Year!

  • Barbara Chapman

    Hi Tammy, I know I had your 10 on the 10th post up and pinned from it yesterday, and will have to refollow the links again if it is up. Just getting back to read and pin some more. <3

    I am happy to be an alternate on the Jan. 10 on the 10th with you!
    Barb 🙂

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