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Garden Fairy Lights

Garden Fairy Lights

Happy Tuesday!  Have I ever mentioned that we are outdoor people? Living in Texas we can sit outside almost year round. In the Summer, I love sitting outside as the sun sets, watch a few lightning bugs and enjoy my garden. Which is why I recently added in some garden fairy lights to my vegetable…

laundry room haul signs
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Laundry Room Haul

Happy Friday!!! Today is all about the laundry room haul. Now some things in my haul I’ve had awhile, some are brand new. Mostly I’m sharing the brand new because Hob Lob is having a 75% off sale in home goods. Y’all know I love a good sale! So let’s start with the new stuff…

Laundry Room week 1
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Laundry Room Week 1

Happy Friday! It’s time to share my laundry room week 1 with you. Now week 1 was suppose to be amazing. I was going to wow you with getting my new counter top made and my new sink and faucet installed. That is not what happened. Countertops Last week I shared that The Hubs would…