5 Favorite Organizational Items


Stand mixer

I was putting my kitchen back together today and it occurred to me that the organizational items that I put in there last year really have been rock stars! I thought that if I loved them, that you might too! Today I’m sharing 5 favorite organizational items that have stood the test of time in my kitchen.

I also made a video of my favorite items, you can see it here.

Command strip cord for my mixer

Number 1

This Command strip cord holder!

I love how I can roll the cord up, push it in the corner and as you can see by the previous photo and the one below that you can’t see a messy cord!

Stand mixer

It makes my heart sing!

the only con I have about it is that if it could be a little neater when rolled up it would be perfect!

Silverware drawer

Number 2

I’ve had a lot of silverware holders in my life but this one is by far the best I’ve ever used.

It is  sleek, easy to clean and is adjustable so that it makes it super easy to put in almost any drawer.

organizational bins

Number 3

These stackable drawers are the perfect size and shape for my trash bags, Magic Erasers, Sponges – and not pictures as I am out – SOS pads.

No stray odd sized boxes and I can easily see if I need to refill.

I love that I can store items behind the boxes too.

Simply lift the top off and everything behind is in easy reach.

cleaning items in a lazy susanNumber 4

Number 4 is also under my kitchen sink.

This lazy susan is perfect for all my cleaning products.

Unfortunately, this one is unavailable so I found this one you might like.


Number 5

This one is a bar with hooks on it.

It came in black but I spray painted it gold to match all of the hard ware in my kitchen.

Cutting boards, towels etc. are perfect hanging here.

Not only are they pretty but they are easy to reach when working at my island!

It is unavailable where I bought it, however I found one that is similar for you.

Kitchen island with organizational rod

If you decide that you’d like to try any of my 5 favorite organizational items, I hope that you enjoy them as much as I have!

Until next time….


5 favorite organizational items

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