A Few Things From The Dollar Tree

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Dollar Tree Pumpkin sign

Since our house is on the market, I’ve been limited on the projects that I can do. The house must be clean at all times and let’s face it, my projects can get a little messy! However, it hasn’t stopped me from a few small projects and a little shopping to get a few things from the Dollar Tree!

Dollar Tree has some of the cutest things this season.

Unfortunately, since we are planning on moving soon I had to leave quite a few of them at the store.

However, there were a few things that I knew if I didn’t pick up, they wouldn’t be there after our move.

Dollar Tree Truck Sign

This is my all time favorite!

So cute, right?

Especially since I had seen a similar one at Hob Lob.

Hobby Lobby Truck

This is the one from Hobby Lobby.

Is it cuter than the one from Dollar Tree?

Yes. But, it’s price is $15.99.

So, is it $14.99 cuter?

I’d say probably not.

Dollar Tree’s website shows a blue truck along with the red one, however my Dollar Tree didn’t have the blue one.

I love them so much that I bought 3.

Oh, the plans I have for them….

fall napkins

I snagged these super cute napkins for fall.

Tip: They are great as hand towels in the bathroom for guests. I use them there all the time!

galvanized words

My last buy was something that I have no idea what I will be doing with it!

But these galvanized metal words were so pretty I will definitely find a project that they will be perfect for!

All three signs came together for $1.00.

There was a ton of cuteness that stayed at the store, but sadly this girl is on buying restriction.

But you might not be. Run, run now, before they are all gone!

Until next time……

Tammy from Patina and Paint


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