A little of this, A little of that

I have a ton of projects in the works. Nothing big or earth shattering. Just a little of this, a little of that!

So exactly what have I been doing? I’m glad you asked. I would be happy to show you!

I have done quite a bit of painting.

A Good friend has been in love with my pumpkin for sale sign that I painted last year, so I painted one for her!

I saw a similar sign to this one and couldn’t resist using some of the scrap lumber from the garage to whip up one for myself.

Have you seen the family thumb print trees?

At family events each member places their thumb onto an ink pad and then places their thumb print onto the tree. The thumbprints look like tree leaves. You then write your family members name under the leaf.

They are really beautiful once they are finished. What a fun family heirloom!

I’ve painted a few of these for friends lately. I’m seriously thinking of doing one for my husbands family this year.

This cute little piece had a design on the side that didn’t really go with my decor, so I painted over it. I’m still thinking of what design to paint onto it, if anything.

This stack of lumber has been sanded and is waiting for me to make a few Christmas gifts. We have a big family so I can never start too early!

Luckily, my sister and niece love me and send me sweet pictures of baby Beep every few days or so! I can’t believe that she is a month old.  Its a great way to start your day!

My pumpkin patch has been growing by leaps and bounds.  I love it!

Y’all, they have velvet pumpkins in the dollar isle at Target!  Okay, so they aren’t really velvet, but look at this picture. Can you tell which ones are the real velvet and which ones aren’t?  Best part is that they were $1.00! 

I did force myself to weed out a few off of the coffee table and sprinkle them around the living room.

It was getting to be a little too much, if that is even possible?

So you see? I have been doing a little of this, a little of that here at the castle.

Sometimes variety is the spice in life. Don’t you agree?

Until next time….




    1. Thank you so much Rita, we do love Beep! Yes, it is super high humidity and very warm. The rag weed is a killer. I can’t wait for cooler temps, no humidity and dead rag weed.

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