Adding Jewelry to the Dresser

It is finally warming up here in Texas. However, the cold hasn’t bothered me too much as I didn’t venture outside a lot. I was too busy painting, decorating and adding jewelry to the dresser!

By jewelry, I mean blingy drawer pulls! One of my very favorite pieces of furniture is this super cute, small dresser that I use as a nightstand in one of my guest rooms. Originally, I had added some glass knobs for jewelry. However, overtime those glass knobs haven’t held up too well!

The knobs weren’t super expensive. That didn’t worry me much at the time, as this dresser wasn’t going to get much use. I just loved how they looked.

Fast forward 15 plus years, and you can see it was time for an upgrade.

After searching for the perfect knobs for awhile, I happened upon these lovelies at Hobby Lobby.  They were perfect. Sturdy, with gold accents. I love that they are glass with silvery gray centers. Traditional in style, with and edgy updated look. And I certainly couldn’t complain about the price at $2.04 each.

I loved them.

I was removing the old pulls and found these extra knobs in the drawers. That was a head scratcher. You know that you’ve needed to replace the knobs for awhile when you can’t even remember why these extra knobs were in the drawers!

Here’s how the new knobs look. I honestly couldn’t be happier with them.

It’s amazing how small little changes can make such a big difference!

Adding jewelry to the dresser was one of the best changes I’ve made lately. I wish I’d done it sooner.

Lesson learned. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to take the time to judiciously look at each room in the Castle and see what needs repaired, tossed out, updated or replaced.

My wrapping paper closet’s dresser could certainly use some new jewelry also. Those extra knobs just may come in handy.

Until next time…..


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