Bathroom Mini Makeover

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Hi!  Hope you all had a really fun weekend.  Much cooler temperatures here and we are loving it.  I haven’t been all that ready to decorate for fall and… I am still not there yet.  If I don’t get with it soon I am just gonna hold out for Halloween. Who knows?   I did take an afternoon to try and tie in the Master bathroom with the new curtains in the bedroom and the newly  organized closet.  I didn’t do much – just a bathroom mini makeover!


master bath 6


Here’s what I started with.  Eeekk… kind of crazy how you don’t notice that something needs work until you see it in a photo! Really boring.  Not much color.  Yawn….


masterbath  8


I thought I had my work cut out for me but, it really didn’t take that long.  I made a valance from the same material that I used for curtain panels in the Master.  I found this cute garden stool at Sam’s for $29.99!  BARGAIN! The perfect color too since I was trying to bring more of the green into the room. I did pick up some new white towels, but otherwise I just used what I had.  Much better!


master bath 1


I pulled out an old brass tray that we received as a wedding present and shined it up a bit.  It was perfect to hold all of my bath jams and jellies. I have collected old bottles for years and like to put my bath oils and bubble bath in them.  And scented bath soap… I am in love with! The floral arrangement  – as you see it here – was a little blah to me so I added some greenery to it later.  I will admit that I would love to put an antique demijohn in here with some natural twigs in it instead of the floral arrangement… keeping my eye out for just the right one!


masterbath 11


Here are my new white towels.  I love how white just makes the bathroom looks so fresh and clean.  I rearranged the shelf above.  Again, I may keep my eye out for something else to add to the vignette, but for now I like how this little corner of my bath turned out.

With the new towels and the garden stool, I think I may have spent under $50.00 total.  Not too shabby for an afternoon’s work and a tight budget!   I finally feel like all of the rooms in my master bedroom suite actually go together!  Will I change any of this?  Probably.. when I do, I promise to share all of the new changes with you!

Until next time….



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