Bestie Easter Basket

bestie easter basket

If there is anything I love to do it’s to give gifts! So when I saw the cutest pink plastic Easter basket, I knew that I would be giving a few of these away. I like to call them  a Bestie Easter Basket because I will be gifting them to some of the Bests in my life!

Easter Basket

Bestie Easter baskets are super easy to make.

Just start with a container.

It can be a basket, box, bag… whatever catches your eye!

I found this basket here.

Easter basket filler

An Easter basket just wouldn’t be the same without a little Easter grass.


Once you have your grass in place, just start filling it with things that your Bestie loves!

I started with a magazine.

Easter mug with tea bags

A mug with her favorite teas…

Easter cup

You know that I wasn’t going to give an Easter Gift without giving one of these Packed Party Egg glasses!

easter candy

And every Easter basket has to have some Easter candy!

Pink nail strips

Who wouldn’t love a few “girly” gifts like these Color Street nail polish strips?

adding Peeps to an Easter Basket

Last, but not least, I added in a bundle of flowers wrapped in tissue paper and clipped on some bunnies that reminded me of Peeps.

Easter Basket Bow

After adding a cute Easter bow, my Bestie Easter basket is finished!

Bestie Easter Basket

This pretty basket took little to no time to put together and because I added in things that I know this Bestie loves I know that it will be a big hit.

And there is nothing better than making the people who are the BEST in my life happy!

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  1. I just recently found your blog and I’ve been devouring it. I’m being inspired to get off my duff and start being creative again. Thank you!!!

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