Blue and White Chinoiserie

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It’s the 10th of the month, which means it is time for Ten on the 10th. I love the 1oth of the month, because I get to see what great ideas 9 other talented bloggers have to share. It’s like having Christmas every month! This month I’m going to share the best places and prices to buy Blue and White Chinoiserie pieces!

Blue and White Chinoiserie is big right now. You want to know a secret? With the exception of my lamps, I bought all of my blue and white chinoiserie pieces for under $10.00.  I’m proof that you can too!

My first pieces of blue and white chinoiserie were a HUGE set of dishes from my husband shortly after we were married. The Hubs worked at a bank back then and if you opened an account you received pieces of the dish set. When they discontinued giving them away, the bank had leftovers so the Hubs bought not only 12 complete place settings, but serving bowls, a gravy dish, a sugar and creamer set, coffee cups and  salt and pepper shakers.  He couldn’t have made me happier if he had bought me a huge diamond ring! That was well over 30 years ago and I still love blue and white pottery. The last few years I have started collecting blue and white pottery again.

Last week, I bought these two vases and candlestick. The largest vase is about 15 inches tall, and each piece is the perfect size for placement above my china cabinet or as a collective centerpiece for the table.

All three were well under $10.00 each!

If you think that these three pieces were a fluke, let me share with you a few other of my favorite pieces that were also purchased for under $10.00.

I’m not sure if this piece is really a bowl or a short vase. I use it for both.

I’m not sure that this platter would technically qualify as chinoiserie, but it is blue and white, which is good enough for me. Especially since it is one of my favorite pieces.  These sweet small plates are a few of my favorites too.

The dishes I found at Home Goods, again I paid less than $10.00 each.

Although the lamps don’t qualify for ten on the tenth, I just had to share them with you because they are probably the largest pieces in my collection. That and I love them!

I love a great bargain, don’t you? If you are like me and love Blue and White Chinoiserie, check out Ross and Home Goods for affordable pieces under $10.00!


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