Bunny Tail Chair Ties

bunny, carrots and chick centerpiece

One of the things that I look forward to every year is decorating my Easter Table. I’m always on the look out for one small item that can take my table to the next level. I recently saw  Bunny Tail chair ties that I knew would make my table stand out.  So today,I’m sharing how  I  made  my  chair  ties.

burlap ribbon

Supply list

Here is a list of supplies that you will need to make a chair tie:

Burlap Ribbon  – 2.5″ – I found mine here.

Hot Glue

Glue gun

Mini Rick Rack

Bunny Tail

Straight pins


draw bunny ear on ribbon

Step 1

Cut off 6″ pieces of your burlap ribbon.

You will need 2 for each chair tie.

Near the top 1/3 of your ribbon, starting on the outside edge, draw a curve up to the top, center part of your ribbon.

Draw a mirror of that curve on the opposite side, forming the top of your bunny ear.

Cut out the ear.

I used this ear as a template for each bunny ear that I needed.

gluing rick rack to ribbon

Step 2:

Using your hot glue gun, glue mini rick rack to the outside of each ear.

Once that is done, pinch 1/4″ from the outside edge of the ribbon and bring it to the center of ear.

Hot glue in place.

Repeat on the opposite side of the ribbon to form your bunny ear.

(The rick rack will be the BACK side of your bunny ear so pleat the ribbon on the side without the rick rack)

burlap bow

Step 3:

Using the burlap ribbon, tie a bow around your chair.

If you have a fairly square backed chair, I would tie the ribbon around the entire back.

However, since my chair back is round, it was easier to simply tie the ribbon to the center of the chair.

bow, bunny ears

Step 4:

Using your hot glue gun, carefully hot glue the ears to the back side of your bow’s center.

Be sure to put the back of the ear facing you.

Also, hot glue the mini rick rack to the bottom of your bow’s tails.

bunny tail chair tie

Step 5:

Using a straight pin, pin your bunny tail to the center of your bow on your chair.

Be sure that the sharp end of your pin is tucked into the bow to prevent getting pricked by the pin.

Let’s face it, it’s looks cute and charming until somebody get’s stuck by the pin!

Bunny Tail chair ties

Making these bunny tail chair ties couldn’t be any easier!

I love how the furry little tails dress up my chairs and put a smile on my face every time I see them.

My only regret was that we aren’t having a big family get together so that I could make more of them.

Who doesn’t love a project that is easy, takes very little time to complete, doesn’t require a huge supply list and looks fabulous?

Later this week I will be sharing my finished Easter table with you so stay tuned.

Until next time….

Bunny Tail chair ties

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