Children’s Lounge Chair Makeover

child's lounge cushion before

My BFF Roxanne was kind enough to gift me her blue flower pots when she moved. When we went to pick them up she asked if I wanted to do a children’s lounge chair makeover? Actually, it was more like “here’s a child’s lounger, I know you can do something with it!” So we loaded it up and took it home.

scrubbing lounge cushion

My first thought was to just clean the cushions and umbrella top and paint them.

However, before I could paint, the cushions needed a good scrubbing.

As I scrubbed, I discovered a zipper.


I could take the covers off of the cushions and wash them in the washing machine!

dirty cushions

Umm, nope.

Not happening.

What I found inside the cushion cover convinced me that plan B was  a better option.

umbrella top and chair cushion

I took the foam out of the cushion cover and the umbrella top off of the umbrella.

My plan was to take them apart and sew new ones, using the old ones as a pattern.

Until I priced outdoor fabric.

It would cost me more than my BFF had originally paid for the lounger.

So not happening.

Plan C.

children's lounger

I power washed the lounger and umbrella.

Already they were looking much better!

cutting material

I ordered enough outdoor material and a few embellishments to make a new umbrella top.

Using the old umbrella top as a pattern, I cut out pieces to make a new umbrella.

It was a challenge, but I’m happy to say that it came out better than I expected.


With the sewing done, I painted the umbrella skeleton a bright white.

white childs lounger

Giving the lounger 2 good coats of white paint made it look like new!

This is coat one.

Once the painting was done it was time to put it all together.

child's lounge chair

And this is what it looks like painted with a new umbrella.

I had just enough material left over to make a swanky little pillow.

children's lounge white chair

When Miss A came for a visit a few weeks ago, she took one look at it and said “look, it’s just my size!”

She’s right, it is.

children's lounger after

I have to admit that this children’s lounger makeover took a lot more time and planning than I ever thought it would.

But if the rest of our littles enjoy it as much as Miss A did, then it was so worth it!

Until next time…

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