Christmas in July Gift Basket


Christmas In July Gift Basket

Welcome to July’s $10 on the 10th! This month our theme is Christmas in July!  Or should I say Christmas in July gift basket edition as that is what I’m sharing with you today.

Under $10 on the 10th

I have to admit that I’m super excited about doing Christmas in July.

There are just so many possibilities.

Natural Gift Basket

I had a tough time making up my mind what to share until I saw this!

Target dollar spot to the rescue.

$5.00 Gift Basket

And even better, it only costs $5.00.

Honestly, this craft is so easy, but it has the potential to be outstanding.

So what am I going to do with it?

Make a gift basket out of it of course.

Spray painted white basket

I loved the natural color of the basket, but not for what I had in mind.

A quick couple of coats of spray paint turned it into this lovely white basket.

Felt holly on a gift basket

I had some left over felt holly “ribbon” from last Christmas and thought that it would look cute cut up and glued to the front of my basket.

A little hot glue and this is what it looks like.

Christmas Bow

Once again, I hit up my ribbon supply and made a multi-ribbon bow in red, white and black.

Gift Basket

This is what my final basket looks like.

Very little time, money and supplies went into this basket.

And around Christmas time – well anytime for that matter- who wants to spend more time and money on the presentation than the actual gift?

Christmas In July Gift Basket

Here’s what my Christmas in July gift basket looks like with a few goodies tucked inside.

Isn’t she cute?

But hang on a minute….

I’m showing you my basket filled with wine and cheese gifts, however it could hold a ton of other gift items too.

How about a spa basket?

A large bottle of bath oil, salts or bubble  bath on one side and a scrubber, brush, and microfiber towel on the other side.

Oh, the possibilities!

So the important part, how much did my basket cost?

Well, I spent a total of $5.40 on the basket.

The ribbon and the felt holly I already had on hand.

However, even if you wanted to add in the cost for both of those, what little I used of each would not put my gift over $10.00.

That’s the perfect gift basket for me!

Now please join me in visiting the other $10 on the 10th participants and see what wonderful Christmas in July Ideas they have in store for us!


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Until next time…..

Christmas In July Gift Basket

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  1. Tammy, your basket is just darling!!! I love the decorations and the bottle of wine to give as a gift. Really fun idea and easy to create!! Enjoy your sweet basket!!

    Barb 🙂

    1. Thanks Cindy! I picked that garland up a few years ago at Home Goods. It’s one of my favorites too…

    1. Corine – I didn’t buy it the first time I saw it either. I got home and kept thinking about them, by the time I got back they were all gone. I hit up another Target and found 1 left!

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