Christmas On The Built-in Shelving

white houses and snow globes on shelving

I’ve got my Christmas on the built-in shelving in my living room. Woo Hoo. If I’m honest, this is my least favorite thing to decorate in my entire house. There are two sets on either side of my fireplace. One is much larger than the other, so it creates a design issue or two for sure.  You can bet when I get them finished, I’m over the moon!

Before we get started, I’d like to Welcome you to Decorate With Us Christmas 2022! My friends Terrie, Corine and I are all sharing different areas in our family rooms today all decorated for Christmas.

White houses and snow globes

For the past few years I’ve used two main things on these shelves.

The white paper mache houses that I decorated a few years ago and my snow globe collection.

Snowman and tree decor

While the snow globes and houses are the star of the show I always add in Christmas trees, snow, books and greenery to each shelve.

This year I am adding in Salt and Pepper Snow People!

I’m sharing just how I make these on Thursday!

Super fun to make!

Snow globes on shelving

I’ve been collecting snow globes for more years than I can count.

I used to put them all out on my coffee table until about two years ago I realized that I had more than what would reasonably fit!

My built-ins are the perfect setting for them!

Christmas decor on the shelving

The right hand built-ins are bigger and deeper as they used to be the entertainment/TV center.

Everything on and in these shelves must be bigger because of that.

White house and snowman

I’m still using the white houses, snow globes and snow people however I’m adding larger decor pieces as well.

I’ve got Santas, trees and greenery tucked in here and there to make them more festive.

White houses and snow globes

If you would like to see a video of Christmas on the built-in  shelving you can see that here.

Now please join me in visiting my friend Terrie at Decorate and More With Tip to see what her back wall decor looks like!

Decorate And More With Tip

Until next time…

christmas on the Built-in shelving

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