Christmas Sneak Peak!

Christmas Sneak Peak 4

I KNOW !  It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, but in the blog and retail world you have to be one step ahead.  I spent this weekend decorating the castle for Christmas like a crazy woman on a mission. I have lots of upcoming jobs and I just wanted to get ‘er done before all of the hustle and bustle starts. With that said, I refuse to post Christmas before I have even had my Thanksgiving turkey dinner OR the opportunity to be truly thankful for all the goodness that has been bestowed upon me this year. Not. Gonna. Happen! I WILL give you a Christmas sneak peak of all of the fun things to come!


christmas sneak peak

LOVE all of these fun colors!


Christmas sneak peak 2

I purchased a new tree this year, although I did not get the one my heart was set on…BOO!


Christmas sneak Peak 3

What’s Christmas without a little sparkle?

That’s all I can show you right now.  HOWEVER,  once this Thursday has passed and the turkey lethargy has worn off  -it is on like Donkey Kong! Bring on the tinsel, the tree, the fun and all things Christmas!

Until next time…..


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