Christmas Snow Globe Coffee Table

snow globes on the coffee table

Happy Tuesday! This week finds my friends and I in the living room decorating for Christmas. Up first  – a Christmas snow globe coffee table.

I’ll be sure and list my friends at the end of the post so that you can go visit them to see how they decorated their coffee tables.

Greenery with lights and Christmas trees

Step 1

The first thing I did was add in some greenery in the center of the table.

Just a few picks on either side, hiding the ends under the greenery leaves.

Once I had the greenery in place, I added in a string of fairy lights.

On the back side of the greenery I added in a large red glitter Christmas tree and a medium green one.

Greenery with lights, a bow and Christmas trees

A plaid bow with velvet ribbon placed in the center of the greenery hides the ugly ends AND brings in a ton of color and texture.

Adding small snow globes to the coffee table

Snow Globes

I used the same formula on both the front and back sides to create this vignette.

Starting in the center, place your largest snow globe.

medium sized snow globes

On either side of your large snow globes, start placing your medium ones.

Front side of the snow globe vignette

Last, tuck  small snow globes in front of and between the large and medium ones.

Back side of the snow globe vignette

I think my Christmas snow globe coffee table turned out pretty cute!

Best of all?

I get to see all the snow globes that I love every time I sit down in my living room.

Side table christmas decor

Side Tables

I’ll bet you thought I’d forgotten to share my side tables with you.

Here’s one next to the sofa that also has a snow globe.

I kept a few snow globes back to sprinkle throughout the living room.

Kind of like an easter egg hunt!

Now please join me in visiting the other girls to see their Christmas coffee tables.

Terrie's coffee table

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Until next time…


Christmas Snow Globe Coffee Table

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