Christmas Tree In A Bag


Jingle all the way present

Happy Under $10 on the 10th! Our theme this month is Christmas and boy do I have something fun and super easy for you. A Christmas Tree in a bag!

My niece lost her home to a fire this past August.

They lost everything and are now living in an RV until their home can be rebuilt.

Since they are in an RV space is limited, which got me to thinking that just because they were in an RV didn’t mean they couldn’t decorate for Christmas.

So I came up with a Christmas Tree in a bag.

Christmas Tree in a bag supplies


I went to the Dollar Tree for all of my supplies except the zip ties and the bag which I had on hand.

2 Christmas trees

Christmas lights

Tree Topper

Mini ornaments

Ornament hooks


Tree Collar

Zip ties

Dollar Tree Christmas Tree

Step 1

You could get away with only one tree, however I find them to be a little on the skimpy side.

So I bought two.

Take the tree out of the box, lay it on a table or counter top and “fluff” the tree, leaving the back side flat on the table.

two christmas trees

Step 2

Repeat step one on the second tree.

Once that is done remove the tree leg holder from the bottom of one tree.

zip tying two trees together

Step 3

Take the two trees and lay the flat sides together, forming one tree.

Then using three or four small black zip ties, tie the trees together forming one tree.

Cut off any excess from the tie ends.

Tree Feet

Step 4

Slide the tree feet into the tree base.

Christmas tree

And your Christmas tree is done!

Tree collar

I found this super sweet tree collar at the Dollar Tree.

It also comes in red!

So cute.

Tree trimming supplies

The Dollar Tree had everything to trim out a tree!

Jingle all the way present


Step 5

Pop the tree and all the accessories into a bag.

Add a cute ribbon and a tag and your Christmas tree in a bag is ready to go!

Jingle all the way present

I think that these bags would be great for shut ins or the elderly, co-workers, college students or small children for their rooms.

The possibilities are endless!

So how much did all of this cost?

Well, I admit that I went over – by .89 cents!

That did not include the bag, I used one of the 100 I had on hand in my wrapping station.

Under $10 on the 10th

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Christmas Tree in a Bag

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  1. This is such a good and special gift to give someone Tammy .. Sorry to hear about your niece.. I hope that this brings some joy to her!!
    I love this idea!!

  2. That’s a wonderful way to beef up a Dollar Tree Christmas tree to make it look so much better. The tree in a bag is a perfect idea for the limited space in your niece’s RV! Fingers crossed that her re-build goes smoothly and quickly.

  3. What a sweet idea! Such a wonderful gift for someone with limited space or even an office or dorm room! I love the way you put the two trees together, very brilliant!

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