Christmas Vignettes and Other Stuff

Due to my knee surgery, I’m a lot slower in getting my Christmas decorating done. I’ve gotten a few Christmas vignettes and other stuff done, but not one room is completely finished. I think I need a few elves decorate here at the castle!


I’m getting really close to getting all of my decorating done though. So, today, I thought that I would give you a few peeks at the Christmas decor that I do have done.


The kitchen buffet is full of Christmas dishes and Santas!


Poinsettias, Rosemary trees and reindeer are featured in the kitchen.


The living room is full of snow globes. My favorite! I’m like a little kid. I want to wind them up, shake them or turn on their lights! Maybe why I’m not getting a lot done? Hmmm….



The sofa table has a Christmas vignette that is full of lights!


The stockings are hung on my colorful and glittery mantel ready for Santa to fill them up.


The dining rooms centerpiece has Santa driving his vintage truck filled with Christmas trees.


I don’t know why, but I’ve been obsessed lately with table napkins. My Thanksgiving napkins were my all time favorite. These Christmas ones may run a close second. They had me at the tassels!

Like I said, I’m almost done. Yay!!!! I can’t wait to be finished. One of my favorite things is to be able to sit back, relax, play a little Christmas music and enjoy all tinsel and lights.

Sadly, since I have no little elves decorating the castle, I guess it’s time to get back to the decorating!



  1. Where did you get the picture of Santa that’s on the little white table. I’ve been looking for that picture for for years.

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