Cleaning Up After Christmas

It’s funny how a project can take on a life of its own. We recently started a mini makeover in a guest bathroom. Everything was rocking right along until I pulled a muscle in my hip. Now everything, including cleaning up after Christmas, has come to a slow crawl.


After a few days on the couch, I was determined ( and bored out of my mind!) to get a few things done.

Things that I don’t have to bend over, twist, or lift to do.

The first of which is getting my Happy Planner decorated for February.

I always try to keep my planner ready a least a month or two in advance.

cleaning up after Christmas

I haven’t put everything back together since I took down all of the Christmas decor.

So this was the perfect time to put out a few gifts that I received for Christmas.

I love my new cookie jar!

Cleaning up after Christmas

During Christmas this corner sports a cute platter.

The rest of the year I have it decorated with this ceiling tin.

It’s perfect for displaying family photos, invitations et.

After putting it out this year, it felt a little too cluttered.

Cleaning up after Christmas

Trading the ceiling tin for this cute platter was the answer!

I love how bright and clean it looks.


I’ve also been working on gathering a few things for my Valentine’s table.


A few Valentine’s Day crafts have kept me busy too.

I promise to share them with you soon!

Mardi Gras wreath

One last thing, I was on my friend Stacey’s FaceBook site, Poofing the Pillows and Friends, and they were discussing what everyone was putting on their front door after Christmas.

I went blank. For the life of me I couldn’t remember what I put on my door after Christmas!

Then, I saw a FB post from our friends in Biloxi, MS on how they were decorating for Mardi Gras and it hit me.

I usually put out a Mardi Gras wreath!

Some days I seriously need a keeper….

That’s it for my cleaning up after Christmas post.

Hopefully, things will be getting back to normal soon.

Whatever that is.

Until next time….


  1. I love your Mud Pie jar and platter! Mud Pie is one of my favorites and I have a collection, which keeps growing. The Mardi Gras wreath looks beautiful! Hope you are up and around soon! Hugs!

    1. Benita Mud Pie is my favorite!!!! I would love to see your collection. Like you, I keep adding to the collection. I can’t help myself!

  2. This is a darling post….so glad you are feeling better…I always think a few days of just being on the sofa, resting, is Heaven…then, when I HAVE to take it easy a few days, I just about go nuts. Glad you were able to get a few things done. Love your pretty wreath.

    1. Thank you BJ. Being sidelined has been a true test of my patience, however I’m getting caught up on my reading for sure!

  3. You are so inspiring, Tammy. You are always putting together the cutest things! I would love to make these Valentines. Will be watching for your tutorial. 🙂

    Love the wreath! Still nothing on my door. I did get two foxtail ferns to go by the front door. I had no idea they are perennial!

    1. Stacey I love foxtail ferns! I didn’t know they were perennial either – what a bonus! Tutorial for the Valentines is up on Ten on the 10th! Hugs!

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