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Cookie Decorating Class

woman baking christmas cookies

When my friend Kris asked if a bunch of us from PoKeeno if we wanted to go to a cookie decorating class I couldn’t say yes fast enough. For many years I’ve tried to do the whole cookie decorating thing. I wanted it to be like a Hallmark movie. Lots of fun, Christmas music in the background, baking with a pretty apron, the kitchen is shiny and clean and in the end we’d have dozens of beautiful cookies. Usually what I got was tired feet, a great big mess and by the time I got the cookies cut out and baked who wanted to decorate them?

So, yes, I needed this class! And to make it even more appealing, the class was held at Lost Oak Winery. Wine and cookies. What could possibly go wrong there? We arrived and this was our set up.
A list of detailed instructions with a recipe for the cookies, how to roll them out and a how to make royal icing.

icing cookies

So what did I learn? A lot! First off,  you want your cookies to be the perfect thickness. Too thick and they don’t get done. Too thin and they will burn. So what’s a girl to do to get perfect cookies?

cookie rolling pin

Buy one of these! This isn’t your mama or grandmas rolling pin for sure. The end rings come off and depending on which one you use, it will ensure that your cookies are the same thickness every time! Yes, please! If you are like me and need help, you can find one of these here.

Also, instead of using the icing bags of old that were stiff, difficult to use and were a super pain to clean up, these disposable bags are the bomb. The are super easy to use, can be used with or without a tip and are super cheap. That’s a win for me!

icing cookies

Also, instead of icing one cookie all at the same time, you do a little decorating on each cookie at a time. This insures that it has dimension and that it doesn’t run all together.

Lost Oak Winery

I also learned that drinking wine makes you decorate cookies better!That’s my story…..


Also, decorating cookies is way more fun with friends!

decorated cookies

Not only did we have a great time and learn a lot, we also got to take home 5  cookies that we decorated!

cookie decorating class

The cookies turned out super cute, but best of all, they tasted awesome.
I can’t wait to try out all my new skills on Christmas cookies. Who knows? I may be featured in that Hallmark movie soon.

Until next time….

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