Diva Dog Bed


Diva Dog bed 22

Ever thought of making your sweet pet their very own  diva dog bed? Me either!

S & D

I am not the owner of a yippy, skippy dog, but my sweet seester Darrla is. Meet the royal canine couple Sampson and Delilah… all dressed up for cold weather! ( Bless their hearts!)


dresser 1

It all started with this dumpster dive piece. My friend Shelli rescued it out of the trash and called me to see if I wanted it. Oh, heck yes! I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it but I knew it would come to me.

I spoke with our niece and she mentioned that her daughter Hannah needed a way to store her princess dresses and I knew exactly what this piece would become.( Which I will show you on a later post!) I only needed one of the three drawers that the dresser came with, so I began looking at how to repurpose the two leftover drawers. Yep, you guess it – Diva Doggie beds!

dog bed 1

Really a simple and easy thing to make, all I did was paint the drawer with Annie Sloane chalk paint in Duck Egg Blue. Then did a light white wash over it. Since this piece would take some unusual wear and tear I used lacquer for a top finish.

I  attached screw in legs to the bottom of the drawer to get it off of the ground.  I left the original drawer pull – just cuz I like it! I painted it white and added a little gold for some glam.

My sister’s dogs are a yorky and a morky?- I think . I know, BAD Aunt!! Any who, I hand painted their initials on the front of the bed – it is big enough for two and they like to be together!

dog bed 3

Once done with the painting of the drawer,  I made a large pillow for the pupsters to lounge on. Of course they needed a few glam pillows to lay their royal little heads on! I made all of these pillows from scraps that I had from other projects.  Add a little bling and a little decorative embellishments and you have a bed fit for the King and Queen of all dogs!

dog bed 4

However, I wasn’t done yet. What if the King and Queen of all small canine’s ( y’all know that Sadie is the Queen of darn near every dog!) wanted to lounge outside? Well, those sweet babies couldn’t break a sweat! So I made them a glam doggie umbrella.

The handle of the umbrella is inserted in a bottle filled with pebbles and then taped shut. I covered it in white ribbon and you have your very own stand alone doggie umbrella!

I hope these spoiled sweet pupsters love their new royal bed. I know her cat is going to be super jealous!

I have one more doggy bed in the works for my sweet friend Shelli, when it is done y’all are gonna be the first to see it!

Until next time……



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