DIY Cooking Utensils

Cooking Utensils

Happy Tuesday! It’s time for the Creative Craft Hop – one of my favorite days each month – and I’ve got a super easy craft that packs a big bang for very little money or time. DIY Cooking Utensils!

Creative Craft Hop 2

Before I go any further I want to give a great big shout out to our host this month – Donna from Modern on Monticello – We could not do this without her!

If you are coming here from Rachels’s at Tea and Forget Me Nots , I am so happy that you are here!

Diy Cooking Utensil supplies


Here’s what you will need:

Bamboo Utensils

Scrapbook paper of your choice

Dishwasher safe Mod Podge




Gold Paint and brush

Hole Punch

Tracing a spoon handle

Step 1

Choose your utensil and trace around the handle.

I like to flip my utensil over and lay it on the back side of the paper for this.

Cutting paper

Step 2

Cut the outline that you traced.

Be sure to cut slightly on the inside of the outline.

Drawing a circle

Step 3

Line up the paper onto the handle, flip over and trace the hole on the handle.

Punching a hole in paper

Use a hole punch to cut out the hole.

Applying Mod Podge

Step 4

Apply an even coat of dishwasher safe Mod Podge onto the spoon.

Applying paper to a spoon handle

Line the paper that you previously cut out onto the spoon and burnish, making sure to get rid of any air bubbles.

If you have any Mod Podge squeeze out the sides, gently wipe it off using a damp cloth or paper towel.

Let dry.

Sanding paper

Step 5

Once you have let the Mod Podge dry, lightly sand off any excess paper on the edge of the handle.

Wipe off any dust or dirt.

Applying Mod Podge

Then apply another coat of the dishwasher safe Mod Podge.

I painted the Mod Podge to the top and side to ensure I had a proper seal.

Painting gold onto the spoon

At this point I thought that I was done, but the raw edge drove me crazy!

So I took my favorite gold paint and painted a stripe at the base of the paper.

It adds just enough glam and I don’t notice the seam.

Cooking Utensils

These are so easy to make and I feel like they make great gifts as well as give your kitchen a little more color!

Now please join me in heading over to Donna’s to see her Creative Pens!

And when you are done there here’s a list so that you can visit the rest of the crafters!

Until next time…


DIY Cooking Utensils

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  1. Love how you glammed these up Tammy! My husband always insists on cooking with wooden utensils; he equates it to cooking with love! I should fancy his up too lol!

    1. I love “cooking with love”. I have just recently started using wooden utensils almost exclusively and I love it. Thanks Sara!

  2. Oh my, Tammy! What an adorable and cool idea to spruce up wood cooking utensils! You certainly had your thinking cap on! It never occurred to me to do something like that! That’s what I love about this Creative Craft Hop – so many awesome, creative ideas and inspirations! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Gail. I love this hop for the exact same reason. I love how this group thinks when it comes to crafts!

  3. I am visiting from Ann at Apple Street Cottage, I love the new life you have brought to these simple utensils. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Welcome Cara! So happy to have you visit. Thanks so much and if you make some hope that you enjoy it as much as I did!

  4. So cute Tammy! What a wonderful and thrifty gift idea! I didn’t know about dishwasher safe Mod Podge, that’s a game changer. I have painted a lot of glassware and plates etc., you have to be careful the paint is food safe before you can use it on anything in contact with food, so just be sure your paint is food safe. I love that you used 2 different fabrics, so cute!!

    1. Thanks Jenna! I do check to make sure it’s all food safe for sure. The dishwasher safe Mod Podge is pretty good. I still wash most of my wooden utensils by hand but the MP is just another safety measure to protect the paper.

  5. Love this way to make simple utensils have so much more character. Now I’m going to be eyeing up my kitchen!

  6. Tammy, what a wonderful way to add color and pattern to a plain kitchen tool. You did a great job of explaining this simple project. Love it as a way to use up pieces of leftover scrapbook paper.

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