DIY Easy Riser


Wooden riser with pumpkin on top

Let’s face it, we all need a little lift every now and then. No, not a face lift! I’m talking about a decor lift. Got a candle that you want to be higher than the rest of your arrangement? Or a picture that you want to stand a little higher than the rest of the frames? Then you definitely want to see how I made a quick DIY easy riser.


two wooden rounds – Hobby Lobby

Wooden beads

3 – glass drawer pulls ( or wooden ones)

Chalk Paint or Acrylic Craft Paint – I used some I had on hand.

Paint brush

Chocolate Stamp Pad

Hot Glue Gun and Glue

painting wooden circles

Step 1

Paint the wooden rounds white on the one side the edges.

Let dry.

Flip over and paint about 1/2 inch from the edge.

The rest of the circle will not be seen.

putting wooden beads on a skewer

Step 2

Using a wooden BBQ skewer, thread the wooden beads onto your skewers.

Then paint each bead.

Be sure and leave empty space between each bead when letting them dry to prevent them from sticking together.

gluing beads to a wooden circle

Step 3

Flip the wooden circle to the unpainted side.

Lining up the beads with the edge of the circle, glue the wooden beads on with hot glue.

Continue all the way around the circle until the edge is covered with beads.

Once this is done, glue the “bottom” or unpainted side of the second circle to the top of the beads.

antiquing with a brown stamp pad

Step 4

Now the riser is pretty cute just like it is, however I decided that I wanted a little more distressed look.

So I took a small chocolate stamp pad and gently added some ink to the edges of my riser, to the face of the beads and gently over the top.

I added ink anyplace that a piece like this would naturally wear.

adding glass knobs to bottom of a riser

Step 5

Once the brown ink has dried, add small legs.

Flip your riser over so that the bottom is facing up.

Hot glue “legs” to the bottom of your riser.

I used some old glass drawer pulls that I had, however you could use larger wooden beads, wooden pulls or just about anything that you want to add height to the riser!

wooden riser

This simple DIY easy riser is one of my favorite projects.

In fact, I want to make more!

You can see the video tutorial on how to make this here.

Wooden riser with pumpkin on top

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DIY Easy Riser

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  1. Tammy I am in love with this riser, first off it works great with your mudpie items, doesn’t it? I love the looks of it so much I would leave it uncovered to show its beauty, which most risers you want to hide. Thanks for sharing your craft with us!

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