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Dollar Tree Easter Bunny Centerpiece

Dollar Tree Easter Bunny Centerpiece

With all of the extra time on my hands lately I’ve been doing a lot of things I don’t normally have time to do. I’ve been cleaning, sorting, crafting, reading, and finishing a lot of unfinished projects. All are a good thing. I picked up a few things from the Dollar Tree awhile back with the intent of giving them a little makeover. Today I’m sharing a super easy Dollar Tree Easter Bunny Centerpiece!

Easter Bunny door hanger

I saw this really cute bunny door sign and thought it was so cute, except for one thing.

The paper spring banner.

While not ugly, I just felt like I could take it to another level.

burlap ribbon

So, I decided to make my own Easter banner! I’m not sure if you know it, but Dollar Tree has a lot of really great craft supplies. Like this burlap ribbon.

Bunny door hanger

Step 1:

Remove the Spring paper banner and add jute string in its place. I glued the jute string on with hot glue.

burlap flag, glitter A

Step 2:

Make a new banner.

I took the old Spring banner and traced one of the triangles on it. Using that as a pattern, I cut out 6 burlap triangles and 6 hot pink triangles. The hot pink came from some scrap material that I already had. Once I had my triangles cut out, I added glitter self stick letters to each one. Instead of my banner reading Spring, my new one will say Easter. Once your triangles are finished, hot glue them onto the jute string to make your banner.

bunny door hanger, BBQ stick

Step 3:

Now, this cute bunny was made to hang. Initially my intent was to make a centerpiece with this bunny, however as I was putting him together I thought he might also look good hanging out in my entryway. One small tiny problem. How to put him in an arrangement? I took a BBQ skewer and glued it to the back. This worked great, but the back looked awful! So I traced the bunny shape onto some cute paper and glued it to the back, hiding the BBQ skewer..

bunny, flower

Step 4:

The bunny had a hole in each ear with jute string attached that made it easy to hang. Since I was putting it in a centerpiece, I didn’t need the string and the holes needed to be covered. These paper flowers were the perfect size to cover those holes.

Step 5:

I had this cute metal container that I’ve been waiting to put something in. I added a brick of styrofoam, a glass vase and lots of pretty blue Easter grass. This is the base for the centerpiece.

Easter bunny , carrots, blue easter grass

Step 6:

Putting the centerpiece together. I stuck the BBQ stick with the bunny on it into the styrofoam. Then added some pink Easter grass on top of the blue. The blue grass was a little too bright blue for this arrangement, but it was perfect for filler.

Easter bunny centerpiece


Embellish! Now, every Easter Bunny needs some Easter eggs. Maybe a few carrots? Add in a cute, bright bow and my Easter centerpiece is finished! All it needs is some pretty spring flowers to fill the vase.

Dollar Tree Easter Bunny Centerpiece

I found the softest pink tulips at my local Market Street that were the perfect addition to my Dollar Tree Easter Bunny centerpiece. Even better – I don’t have to worry about changing flowers weekly or watering.

I recently found these cute felt flowers and thought that they needed to be a part of the arrangement. The bow found another home and the felt flowers finished the centerpiece.

Such a super easy and fun craft.

Now, if you will excuse me, I’m off to read, or clean, or paint, or…..

Until next time….

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