Duck Egg Cabinet


I lied.  I said I was finished with my kitchen dining area. But apparently I wasn’t! For years I had this really cute three tiered wire shelving unit under the chalkboard to hold jars and canisters of all of the dog and cat’s multitude of treats, pond paraphernalia and whatever anyone sat on it going in and out of the back door.  At the end of the day?  Not really so cute as you could see everything! And I mean everything! Remember my friend who was moving from her lake house and gave me some furniture?  She gave me this really rustic, small cabinet.  Not really the same style as the rest of my dining area, but I figured that all of  the “nick nack paddy crap” on display wasn’t either!  ASCP Duck Egg paint to the rescue!


Duck egg cabinet 1


I forgot to take a before…AGAIN!  Just how I roll these days.  Anyway, you can see that it is very rustic, but I love rustic and old! I decided to leave some of the original wood and just add color to the inset panels.


Duck egg 1


Here is the side view… If you look closely at the top you can see the warped top. When I said rustic I mean really rustic!!!  Even with the warping, it has some really nice detail.  So these are my Before pic’s…


Duck egg cabinet


And here is my after!  Much better! I will probably change out the treat jars and accessorize  at some point in time but, for now I love how all of the daily “stuff” is hidden! Makes my heart sing!


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