Easiest Wreath Ever



Do you struggle with making wreaths? Or are you a seasoned pro or somewhere in between? Well, today is your lucky day! I’m sharing how to make the easiest wreath ever. Nope. Not kidding. EVER!

Wreath supplies


Here are the supplies that you will need:


4 Floral picks – or in this case berry picks


Jute or string


Adding berry picks t a wreath

Step 1

Since I only want the berries to be on one side of my wreath, I found my center point and started away  and down from that point.

Take your floral pick and just stick it into the greenery until it is secure.

Once this is done you can fluff it up a little.

Just a quick fluff, don’t over think it!

Adding Berry Picks to a wreath

Place a second pick right next to and at the end of the one you just positioned.

Once you have it in place, fluff this one also.

The only thing to keep in mind when fluffing is to make the picks “curve” with the wreath.

However, you do want them to stick out and be a little crazy, just like they would  be in nature.

adding floral picks to a wreath

Step 2

Repeat Step 1.

Keeping in mind that I am only placing the berries on one side of my wreath, I found my center point and started working up this time.

Place your picks just like you did in Step 1.

Making the easiest wreath ever

When you have completed Step 1 and Step 2, this is what your berries will look like.

It’s subtle, but oh so pretty!

Step 3

Add a  bow.

Using some fall ribbon I tied a loose bow, just like I would tie my shoelace.

Taking about 12 -15 inches of twine, I ran it through the center of my bow on the back side.

Then tightened the bow.

Position your bow where you want it.

Then, keeping the bow in place, flip the wreath over and tie on the bow.

Flip the wreath back over and fluff the bow and berries.


Step 4

Hang the wreath.

See it really is the easiest wreath ever!

I love that when it goes out of season or I get tired of it I can simply pull the berry picks out, untie my bow and my wreath is ready to add different items to!

Wreath above a stove

Easiest wreath ever!


Now I’m off to decorate the rest of my kitchen.

I hope that you will join Terrie, Corine, Teresa and I starting next Monday as we share all things Fall on our Decorate with Us series.

It’s going to be so much fun!

Until next time….



Easiest Wreath Ever

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