Easter At Walmart 2023


Easter egg glasses

I know I’m a little behind the curve here, however just in case you are like me and haven’t seen Easter at Walmart 2023 I thought I might share a few fun finds with you!

Let’s start with my favorite brand at Walmart – Packed Party.

They always have the cutest things!

Not a lot new this year, in fact several of these they had last year,, but they are just too cute not to share again.

Like these light up Easter glasses!

egg-star glasses

Packed Party

Or these “Egg-stra” cute glasses…..

tinsel basket

This gold tinsel skirted basket is super cute.

It’s got a protective wrapping on it here, but I can just see some child running at an Easter Egg hunt with it blowing in the wind!

Glitter bunny basket

Isn’t this glitter bunny basket cute?

It also comes in a mint green.

The glitter moves around making it super fun.

plastic baskets

However, my all time favorite baskets are these plastic ones…

I love the color, how well made they are and their retro vibe.

These would be cute for kids , friends or for a flower vase.

easter basket


Walmarts basket game is strong.

I love these brightly colored baskets that have fabric liners.

Easter rabbit basket

This bunny basket is sweet and reminds me of the ones I picked up at the Dollar Tree.

This one is sturdier than the Dollar Tree’s, however I like the embroidered faces on the DT ones better.

Easter bunny basket

Who wouldn’t love this natural basket with the bunny ear handle?

So cute!

Easter ARt

Home Decor

Their home decor was sparse, but quite a few items caught my eye.

Like these sweet butterfly and bunny prints.

These would be sweet in a child’s room year round.

Easter Rabbit art

Isn’t this bunny art adorable?

Flocked bunny

The past few years flocked items have been hot!

This year is no exception.

Walmart has these 16inch flocked bunnies in several colors they show sold out for pick up in stores.

I scored this one and it was the last one.

So if you love them, I’d check in store to see if there are any lone bunnies hanging out.

flocked carrots

They also had a ton of these flocked eggs.

I’m on the fence on these, but they had a couple of sizes and multiple colors.

Egg pillows


They didn’t have a ton of Easter pillows, however what they did have was super cute.

AND they were all under $10!

Like these Easter Egg pillows.

Hippity Hop bunny pillow

And this Hippity hop bunny pillow!

floral pillow

While not in  my color palette this embroidered pillow was beautiful!

Easter RAbbit Pillow

Remember the bunny art from earlier?

This is the matching pillow!

Bottle brush carrots

One last home decor item that I passed on were these bottle brush carrots.

While cute and colorful I  wasn’t quite sure how I’d use them in my decor.

That’s it for Easter at Walmart 2023.

I hope you enjoyed seeing just a few of the fun things I found there.

Keep an eye out as I decorate for Eater and Spring, you just might see a few things from today!

Until next time….


Easter at Walmart 2023

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