Easter Bunny Table Runner

Happy spring

Can you believe that Spring is here? Easter is just around the corner so I’ve been doing a little shopping. I recently shared some fun Spring finds with you recently, if you missed it you can see those here. One of my fun finds was an Easter Bunny table runner.

Super cute, but I had seen a similar one on-line that had some fancy bunny tails and you know I wasn’t going to let these little bunnies have plain tails!


This project t is so easy!

It would be an awesome project for not only you , but for a pre-teen looking for a fun project.

All you need is some frilly ribbon remnants, needle and thread, scissors and fabric glue to make some fun bunny tails.


This part was super easy.

Simply make a running stitch down the center of the ribbon, making sure to gather the ribbon tightly every couple of inches.

Once you have enough to make the size of tail that you want, then sew each end of the ribbon together, which will form a circle.

bunny tails

Next, I glued each bunny tail to the runner using a fabric glue.

Once that was done, I added some turquoise trim and a few buttons for a little added bling.

Easter Bunny table runner

Here’s how my sweet Easter bunny table runner turned out!

I couldn’t be happier.

Now for the fun part, setting my Easter table!

On a random note:

I was out driving today and I saw my first “popcorn trees”.

Popcorn trees are actually Bradford Pear trees.

Years ago my sweet little neighbor was driving with her mom and said “Look, Mommy, Popcorn trees!”

How adorable is that?

If you have never seen them before, Bradford Pear trees have beautiful white flowers on them when they are in full bloom.

I will always look at them and think of them as popcorn trees.

I hope that you have a wonderful week!

Until next time….


  1. Tammy, that runner is SO cute! And your nails look awesome, hehe.
    Cute story on popcorn trees. When my oldest was little and we were driving along a country road, she looked out toward a pastures with grazing cows and said, “look at those big dogs, daddy!” 🙂

    1. Oh, Rita! I love the story of the “cow, dog”! Too funny! LOL you never know with my nails Rita…. Have a great week!

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