Easter Decorating Dilemma

Homegoods Dilemma

I wasn’t looking for Easter decor, it’s too early! I was in HomeGoods browsing and came across the cutest table linens. Usually I am lucky to find just ONE thing I love. And for those of you who are lucky enough to have a HomeGoods in your area , you know that if you find it, you had better pick it up NOW or it won’t be there when you go back. This is how my Easter decorating dilemma began!

Homegoods 6

The first thing I found were these awesome square polka-dotted placemats.  The turquoise would be great in my kitchen, but the light blue would be awesome in my dining room.  Maybe I should go with the coral for a contrasting color? Plus, they even had matching napkins.  Rick rack.. I love rick rack. Although I rarely do matchy-matchy stuff. But these were so cute….

Home good 2

And then I heard the Angels start singing when I found these . They all matched the polka-dot colors! AND THEY HAD RUFFLES on them. Sigh… Go Matchy-Matchy or go with a solid? Love the sherbet colors!

Homegood 1

While I was pondering matchy-matchy or contrast napkins, I saw these really sweet seersucker napkins. AGAIN, they were the exact colors and I love stripes….

Homegoods 3

I almost had my decision made when I found these…. OMG! So. Darn. Cute!  The dilemma is getting bigger by the minute! Neutral tones go with everything.

Homegoods 5

It was bad enough that there were cute little bunnies, but then I found these with nest on them… I LOVE bird nests! Dang it!


And last, but certainly not least, I saw these. I immediately loved the color and knew that they would be awesome in my black and white kitchen.  I could just cry…

I gotta tell you that for a girl who usually knows her mind, I spent a lot of time deciding which ones of these to take home! I wanted them all. If I were a kid, this is where I would throw a hissy fit! PLEASE…CAN I TAKE THEM ALL HOME MOM???? PLEASE…. I NEED THEM…

What a dilemma! They were all pretty, all a really great price and I knew that they would all work in my home. But which ones to take home?

I spent a lot of time in HomeGoods. I figured after awhile I needed to make a decision before they though I was up to no good. So I flipped a quarter – several times- to help me make my decision. HEY! Don’t judge… I didn’t have my magic eight ball with me or I would have used that instead.

I am still not sure what I am going to do with what I brought home. But just like Scarlet O’Hara…As God as my witness I will think about that tomorrow. And then I will share it with you.

Until next time…..




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