Easter Flatware Holder

  Easter pacesetting

Happy Tuesday! Today is  the Creative Craft Hop – which is one of my favorite days of every month. I’ve got the sweetest little DIY Easter flatware holder to share with you.  They are perfect for my Children’s table. Colorful, fun and most importantly they contain all the pointy items!

Creative Craft Hop 2

Before I get started I’d like to thank Sara from Birdz of a Feather for hosting our craft hop this month. Someone has to corral all of us and she does a fantastic job!

If you are coming here from Jenna’s I’m so happy to have you here! I love her 3D Flowers!

Now let’s get started.

flatware holder supplies


Just in case you want to make some too – here is what you will need.

Felt – color of your choice

Scrap pieces of ribbon


Hot Glue and glue gun

Fabric Glue


Sewing machine – optional


Marking the fabric for the holder

Step 1

I had another holder that I used to decide on the size of this one, it was 4″ x 7″.

Fold your felt in half and mark the size.

Mark with a pencil or pen.

Cutting felt

Step 2

Cut out your holder.

TIP: once you have marked your material pin both sides together before cutting for an even cut.

sewing felt

Step 3

Sew your holder together as close to the edge as possible.

Now if you don’t have a sewing machine – glue it together!

gluing fabric together

Step 4

Using your scrap ribbon, cut different sized pieces the width of your holder.

Layer them into fun combinations and glue them together using fabric glue.

Don’t have fabric glue? Use hot glue!

gluing ribbon on a holder

Step 5

Hot glue your ribbon to your holder.

You could use the fabric glue, my ADD kicked in big time so I decided I wanted the instant gratification that the hot glue provided.

Bunny on a flatware holder

Glue on your fabric bunny.

At this time you could embellish the bunny if you wished.

I added in a button to the ribbon for a little more dimension.

Easter flatware holder

These Easter flatware holders were sooooo easy and I think they will be perfect for the little’s table.

Easter pacesetting

I love the place setting and I am ready for Easter Sunday dinner with the littles!

Now be sure and hop on over to  Carol’s to see her chinoiserie planter… you know it’s gonna be good!

AND to make it easy here is a list of all the participants this month.

You know… so you can see all the goodness!

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Until next time….


Easter flatware holder

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  1. This is adorable Tammy; can’t believe you found those bunnies at the dollar tree! I would’ve gone for the instant gratification too; who has time to wait for glue to dry lol?

  2. This is so adorable! I love the bright colours. Definitely a fun way to add a splash of colour to a table.

  3. How cute Tammy! I think the fabric glue is genius! Such a fun way to make something with leftover bits and pieces in your craft stash, the flatware holders are adorable!

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