Easter Sofa Table


Good Tuesday morning to you! Welcome to Decorate With Us, the Easter Series. During the month of March Terrie from Decorate and More With Tip and Corine from Junk to Gems and I will all be sharing different areas of our homes decorated for Easter. Today Terrie and I will be decorating  an Easter Sofa Table!

Everything that I used  to decorate this sofa table I already had on hand.

Normally, I would share my sources for everything.

However, almost everything that I used is no longer available.

But don’t worry, I tried to give you good alternatives so that you can create something similar if you wish!

Easter Bunny Vignette

Bunny Focal Piece

First up, the showpiece of the table.

My sweet bunny is hanging out in a bamboo candle holder.

I added a ton of faux eggs, carrots and flowers for lots of color and texture.

The bunny I purchase a few years ago at HomeGoods.

I looked high and low for the same bunny ,but had zero luck.

faux foil easter bunny

You can find a similar bunny here.

Speckled Easter Eggs

My favorite type of Easter Eggs are the ones that look more natural – like a birds egg.

I found these easter eggs here.

The floral stems I think I purchased at Hobby Lobby years ago.

Again, I looked and couldn’t find any that were even similar.

However, Terrie from Decorate And More With Tip found some at Dollar Tree that looked a lot like mine!

You can find those floral stems here.

gold bamboo candle holder

I looked high and low to find a gold bamboo candle holder that was remotely similar and this is the only one I could find.

In the looks department it’s a home run.

However, in the price department it’s not even in the same universe.

I think I paid $8.00 on sale at Hob Lob for mine.

This one from Over Stock is $162.00.

If you feel like spending that much you can find a similar bamboo candle holder here.

artichoke candle holder

Artichoke Candle Holder

In the center of the sofa table I placed a simple turquoise candle holder.

Again, I’ve had this one for awhile so finding a source for you was a bit of a task.

artichoke candle holder

I did find this one in white, which I love.

You can find it  here.

easter decorated cloche

Cloche with Bunnies

On the far right hand side of the sofa table is a medium sized cloche with a wooden base.

I think I purchased this at Hobby Lobby, but honestly can’t remember where I got it.

Again, I searched high and low to find one for you and came up empty.

Honestly, there are so many out there that any that you chose to use would work.

I put two white ceramic bunnies surrounded by tiny eggs inside of the cloche.

Aren’t they cute?

A couple of carrots tied to the top for some color finishes off the cloche’s decor.

You can find the carrots here.

Easter Sofa Table

That’s it for my Easter Sofa Table.

Be sure to check in on my FaceBook page tomorrow when I’ll be sharing a video where I style my Easter Coffee Table.

easter rabbit on chest

Also, be sure and head on over to Terrie’s and see her living room chest that she has decorated for Easter.

Until next time…



Easter Sofa Table

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  1. Tammy….Tammy! I love how you decorated your sofa table, with the backdrop, which you gave us a sneak peak, it’s perfect! I can’t wait to see it all. 🙂 Your touches creates a great happy Easter home! Thanks for sharing all your sources, I know it’s hard to decorate and share sources when you have things on hand. You shared great options for us.

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