Easter Table Reveal

My Easter table reveal is here! I love Easter, don’t you? All of the beautiful spring colors, plants, easter clothes, egg hunts and family time. It just puts me in my happy place.

One of my favorite parts of family time is Easter dinner. It’s probably why I spend so much time thinking about my Easter table decor. Recently, I polled all of you dear readers and asked for your help deciding which place setting to use on my Easter table. Today I’m sharing the results of that poll!

These were the beginnings of the four choices that I asked for you to vote on.  I had votes for all four, but at the end of the day the clear winner was…

Place setting A!  Apparently I am not the only gal who loves her blue and white.  However, as I was reading through all of the responses there was one that didn’t vote for A, B, C or D.  Stacey from Poofing the Pillows didn’t vote for any one of them. She voted for all of them. Why couldn’t I combine all of them for a fun Easter table? Well, that got me thinking, why not?

So I decided to mix and match elements found in almost all of them!  Similar, but not the same.

All of the place settings start with a square blue and white polk a dot placemat, followed by a navy blue placemat, a gold charger and a white plate.

Once the base of the place setting was set, it was time to change things up. There are three different styles of place settings. In this one, a pink appetizer egg plate topped off the first four layers. A light blue ruffled napkin with peony napkin ring finish the place setting. For a place card, I used a sweet white bunny and wrote on it with sharpie.

tip: The sharpie is easily removed with a magic eraser!

Place setting #2 is the blue and white bunny! I used birds nest for place cards. I honestly, think this one is my favorite.

Place setting #3  starts with a blue easter egg plate. A blue and white polk a dot napkin with yellow flower napkin ring completes the look.  A blue bunny hat with ears was used for the place card holder. I love the whimsy of it all!

And last but not least, beautiful pink peonies made a perfect centerpiece.

So how do you like my Easter table reveal? It certainly isn’t what I had in mind. It’s better! Thank you Stacey!!! I couldn’t have done it without you.

Now that my Easter table is set and ready to roll, it’s time to take on the rest of the castle.

Have a great day!


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  1. Cute! I agree with you. My favorite is the bunny place setting. I’d like to think I’ll be able to set a table for Easter, but my house is still a mess right now, mostly from the comings and goings in the master bath upstairs. The path runs right past the DR, through the breakfast area and sunroom to where all the materials and supplies are kept. 🙁

    1. Rita,
      Oh, I hate reno dust! Just keep reminding yourself that you are going to have a wonderful new bathroom. I hope that your reno is over soon.

  2. The combination of all the designs is perfect! It really adds s lot of personality and interest to your tablescape. That bunny plate is darling, and I am in love with those white plates with the “dots” on them! Gosh, I wish I had a set of those myself!

    1. Julie,
      Thank you so much! I am enjoying all the fun Easter decor right now. The white dishes came from Home Goods. They have never had a full set at one time so I pick them up here and there as they come in. I think the Home Goods workers think I’m a stalker… lol!

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