Easy Christmas Arrangement

Easy Christmas arrangement

Happy Tuesday! Today my friends Terrie, Corine, Niki and I are  prepping to decorate our bedrooms for Christmas. I am putting together an easy Christmas arrangement for my dresser that I thought i’d share with you.


Here’s what I used to make my arrangement:

Large white wooden lantern – I bought mine at a local artisan store.


Felt Christmas light Floral picks



Whit Candle in a lantern

Step 1

This lantern has been sitting on my dresser for the past year.

It is perfect in size, shape and color for this spot, so I wanted to use it for Christmas also.

I started by adding in a white candle in the center.

Note: If I were going to make this a permanent arrangement I would do this differently!

Greenery and candle in a lantern

Step 2

Next, directly in front of the candle I added in 2 fluffy pine picks.

One one either side with the ends facing the other.

This helps hide the ends.

folding the end of the Christmas light pick

Step 3

My Christmas light picks were way too long, however I didn’t want to cut them off in case I needed them longer for another project later.

So I folded the ends toward the lights.

adding light picks to an arrangement

Then placed them on top of the pine boughs, laying them out just like we did the pine picks.

Don’t worry about the messy center – we will fix that shortly!

back side of christmas arrangement

Step 4

Now it’s time to do the same to the back side of the lantern.

This side really won’t be seen as it will be up against the wall.

However, I didn’t want to see a great big white space.

Using odds and end greenery that I had left over, I placed them just like I did on the front side.

easy christmas arrangement

Step 5

Add in two more Christmas light picks.

christmas arrangement

Step 6

To hide the ugly middle part i added in another greenery pick with a small pine cone.

Easy Christmas arrangement

Step 7

To hide the ugly middle part on the front side I added this pretty red shimmery bow!


See? This was a super easy Christmas arrangement!

I think it’s going to be a perfect addition to my Christmas decor in my bedroom.

Speaking of which, I hope that you will come back tomorrow to see my Merry and Bright Christmas Bedroom!

Also, please head on over to the other girls blogs to see how they are prepping to decorate their bedrooms.

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Until next time….



Easy Christmas Arrangement

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