Easy Easter Craft


Easter floral arrangement

Hey friends! Welcome to the Creative craft hop.  Our theme is Spring DIY. This month I’ve got one easy Easter craft to share with you!

I’ve been busy decorating my powder room for Easter so I thought this would be the perfect project for our DIY project.

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Before getting started I’d like to thank Sarah from Birdz of A Feather for hosting this super fun hop. And if you are coming from Jenna’s at The Paint Apron, WELCOME! I am so glad that you are here.

Easy craft supplies


French Fry Holder 

Birds Nests

Mosses – spanish and reindeer

Small flowers

Easter pick

Easter Eggs

French fry holder

Step 1

Start with a french fry holder.

That’s right a french fry holder!

I love them because they look like springs, they actually hold food.

And today it’s going to hold a really cute floral arrangement.

adding moss to the french fry holder

Step 2

Line the french fry holder with a birds nest.

These aren’t the typical birds nest, they are really more of a birds nest liner.

However, they work really well for this!

For this craft I am not gluing everything together as I want to use this french fry holder  later.

Although to keep this long term glue is recommended.

adding moss to a french fry holder

Step 3

Once you have the birds nest in, it’s time to add in the mosses.

I started with Spanish moss.

Adding green moss to the arrangement

Then added in green reindeer moss.

Adding flowers to the birds next

Step 3

Now for the fun part – adding the embellishments!

I started  with adding in small flowers.

Adding flowers to the birds nest

Followed by adding in a few sprigs of greenery.

Making an easy Easter craft

I found the cutest Easter pick that has small  colorful berries .

They were easy to cut apart and insert small stems of them into the birds nest.

Easy Easter craft

Add in a few eggs and a bow at the bottom and you have finished an easy Easter craft!

I love it so much I’m considering making it permanent.

Easter vignette

Now please join me in visiting  Nikki at Life As A LEO Wife and all of the other talented  bloggers to see what they are making!

Until next time…


Easy Easter Craft

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    1. We use those French Fry holders for a lot of things. Mainly for s’mores. Just add “french fry” paper in a cone to the holder and it’s perfect for s’more pieces for the littles and corals the mess! ha! They are super fun!

  1. Oh Tammy, your Spring nest is adorable! How clever to use a french fry holder as a stand~ and pairing it with a moss bunny is perfect! Love it!

  2. This is so stinking cute I love it. I need to thank you for the french fry holder idea. I have been searching for an old bed spring and this is a fabulous alternative. Your little display is perfect.

    1. Thanks Leanna! I was looking for a spring too and saw my FF holders and knew it would be perfect for my project. They are so versatile!

    1. The french fry holder is really odd for sure…. but it does work. Necessity is the mother of invention!

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