Easy Easter Egg Carrots

Hey y’all! Today is day two of Decorate With Us Easter 2023! My friends and I are revamping an item we have in our stash for our Easter hutches that we will be sharing tomorrow! I’ve got an easy, fun way to make Easter egg carrots.



Plastic Easter Eggs

Acrylic Paint in orange

Paint brush

Hot Glue Gun and Glue

Orange Twine

Faux Greenery – I used bits and pieces I’ve collected over the years.

Step 1

Place eggs on a wooden skewer and paint the eggs orange.

This step helps in the case that there are spots between the twine where you can see the egg.

Step 2

Starting at the bottom of your egg, put a small amount of hot glue.

Attach the twine.

Add more hot glue and begin wrapping the twine around the egg.

Continue gluing the twine to the egg until the egg is completely wrapped.

Step 3

Cut down the greenery you are using to fit the egg.

Add glue to the base of the greenery and insert into the hole at the bottom of your egg.

coloring glue with a sharpie

Tip:  There may be spots where the glue seeps through the twine. If this happens it can look white. A quick tip is to take an orange sharpie and color the glue. It instantly disappears!

TA – DAAAAA!!!  You have created the easiest Easter egg carrots that will look so cute in your decor!

I love them on my hutch and invite you to come back tomorrow when my friends and I will be sharing  how we decorated our Easter Hutches!

Be sure and pop on over to their sites to see what they have revamped for their hutches.

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Until next time…


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  1. Wow ! Tammy they are done to perfection! I love these! You mastered wrapping the twine !! The colours are gorgeous what a great craft!! Well done…

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