Easy Last Minute Gifts


easy last minute gifts

Happy December 10th everyone! You know what happens on the tenth of the month? $10 on the 10th! This months theme is Gifts. Which I could not be happier about. When I thought about what I could share with you this month, I thought about the gifts that I needed to give and thought that it would be fun to share a few easy last minute gifts with you!

Dollar Tree Haul

Gift #1

The first gift is one we’ve seen a million times, however I feel that it is one that lasts the test of time.

I hit up the Dollar Tree and picked up a red oven mitt and kitchen towel.

Then found these cute spatulas at Ross.

applying a vinyl iron on to an oven mitt

I had some scrap vinyl left over from another project so I made this cute iron on.

Christmas Calories don’t count!

They don’t right?

Just iron on the transfer.

recipe cards

I downloaded these free Christmas recipe cards and printed them off.

Some baking twine wrapped around them not only keeps them nice and tidy but looks pretty too!

christmas oven mitt with goodies

All that’s left is to put all the goodies inside of the mitt and tie a pretty bow on the outside!

I think this would be a great hostess gift or add some cookies and gift it to your neighbors or a friend.

Total cost?

Oven mitt and kitchen towel:    $2.00

Spatulas:                                          $3.99

I had everything else but lets throw in a few dollars for printing ink, paper and a bow.

Total cost: $7.99 and that’s stretching it.

Packed Party insulated glass

Gift #2

These festive insulated glasses!

I found them at Walmart and they are from Packed Party.

They are super cute on their own, however since I am “extra” my gifts need to be also.

Again, I had some gold glitter vinyl left over and cut out the name of the person I’m gifting it to.

Don’t have a vinyl cutting machine?

Use a stencil or hand letter with a paint pen.

It doesn’t need to be perfect, just fun!


Tumbler: $5.98

The vinyl was leftover…

I gifted these to my friends at our Queens party and they were a hit!

Christmas Bulb glass

I also picked up this cute Christmas Bulb glass for $5.98.

Childs Christmas milk glass

And for the Little’s in your life these “milk” glasses were at Target for $2.00 in the Dollar Spot section. I added the Little’s names to the back also.

Earrings for gifts

Gift #3

These were by far the easiest gift to make of all!

I picked up a card of mini ornaments from WalMart.

There were 3 sets (6) of earrings on each card.

Just add an earring hook and TA DA!!!!

You have yourself a cute pair of Christmas earrings!

I finished them off with a tiny red bow.

These would make fun gifts for all of the women – friends and family.


1 Card of mini ornaments – $1.98 divided by 6: .33

Fish hook earring – a pack of 12 cost $3.99 so each pair would be .33 x2 = .66

red satin bows: .99 for 50 : .02 x 2 = .04

Total cost: $1.36 plus tax…

$10 on the 10th

Looking for more inspiration?

Check out Patti @ Pandora’s Box to see her fabulous idea!

Until next time!

Easy Last Minute Gifts



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