Empty Bowls

Empty bowls 13Y’all I want to share with you something that I have wanted to do for a very long time. Empty Bowls.  Empty bowls is  a fundraiser that benefits hunger relief in 13 counties served by the Tarrant County Food Bank in Texas. Basically, you buy a ticket to the fundraiser, the ticket gets you entrance, a free bowl made by an artist and you get to “taste” food from over 30 different restaurants. All things I love!

empty bowls 4

Here are just a few bowls that were left at the end of the day. At the beginning there are so many bowls (and people!) that you can’t even see the table. It was so hard to pick just one bowl!!! It would have been even harder to snap a picture!

empty bowls 5

The bowls were made by some super talented artists. They came in all shapes, sizes, colors and mediums – the bowls, not the artists. Although they may come in all shapes, sizes and colors too.

empty bowls 6

They even had cat and dog bowls!

empty bowls 7

Not only could you choose a free bowl to take home, but they had a Gallery Bowl table where larger bowls were featured. You could purchase these bowls. This one by SINaCA was on of my very favorite bowls there! But I am cray cray for colored glass!

empty bowls 8

I also loved this one. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the artists name. So if anyone knows please give me a shout!

empty bowls 12Once we had chosen our bowls it was time to eat. With over 30 different booths to choose from we had a great time and ate a lot. Here my buds, Shelli, Roxanne and I  are lined up to taste all of the wonderful food. Most booths had a soup or gumbo of some kind, but there were also bakerys, street tacos, BQ, and drink booths.

empty bowls 2

So what bowls did we choose? Roxanne chose one that would go in her newly decorated laundry room, Shelli chose one that sang to her heart and I chose one that matched my dining room. Let me tell you it was a tough decision!!!

empty bowls 1

Don’t tell Shelli and Rox, but my bowl is the prettiest!

It was a super fun lunch that I hope to be able to go to again next year. I am in total awe at all of the super talented artist! Great job by the Tarrant County Food Bank!

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