Everything Is Not Fine


Not to be negative, but everything is not fine here at the Castle. It’s been a week! I ordered all the things, shared them with you, I was so excited.

Then I went to hang them  up.

amazon shower curtain

The shower curtain had a hole in it.

No problem, I’ll just return it.

However, the length I needed was not in stock.

Plan B.

New shower curtain

Shower Curtain #2

After much on-line shopping, this is the one I landed on.

Not what I was thinking at all, but we are going with it.

everything is not all right shower curtain

Here’s what it looks like in my guest bath.

silver shower curtain rod

This is the shower curtain that I had planned on using.

However, it screwed together in 4 pieces.

Every time I tried to close or open the curtian, the rings caught on the places it screwed together.

Nope. Not doin” it!

new shower curtain rod

Shower Curtain #3

Yep. You read that right.

Shower curtain #3.

I hit up HomeGoods and fell in love with these chunky, stylish shower curtain rods!

The first one I opened was dented, parts were missing, it was dirty and corroded.

Clearly, I returned it for this beauty!

Everything is not all right art


I was planning on buying all new art for this room.

However, with the new paint this piece looked so pretty up here I decided to keep it.

Janet Hill print

The only other place to put any decor in this small room is on the small wall by the door.

Again, I looked high and low for just the right piece to go here and finally decided that I haven’t found anything that I love as much as I do this print by Janet Hill.

Selfie at the Mermaid Public Fountain.

So for Now, I decided to keep that too.

everything is not all right shower curtain

That’s it for this weeks progress report – or lack thereof progress! Ha!

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Until next time….


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