Fairy Garden Makeover

Fairy Houses before

Hey friends! Between putting my house back together and planning for all the things that next month holds, I’ve been super busy. We have graduations, birthday parties, the end of school and a Memorial Day BBQ. I saw this cute fairy garden at the Dollar Tree that I thought would make a great gift for my niece as an end of school gift. Something to start the summer off right and keep her busy. However, it needed a huge Fairy garden makeover!

Before Fairy homes

As you can see, it is super cute.

But honestly, it’s not painted very well.

Before Fairy Homes, tree and fairy

AND the colors are  very dark and make it look dated.

Of course, you know my motto – if it doesn’t work – Paint it!

painting a fairy house

If I had wanted to change the colors entirely I would have spray painted the entire set white and started from scratch.

However, I like the color palette, it was just dark.

So to brighten up the fairy garden pieces I just used brighter, fun colors and painted each piece.

Before Welcome sign

Here’s a before of a Welcome sign.

After Welcome sign

And the after.

I just added lighter, brighter colors.

The  change is amazing!

Once all of the pieces were painted and dry, I added a coat of holographic clear glitter paint.

I mean, what fairy garden doesn’t have a little bling?

Fairy Garden Makeover

And this is what my fairy garden makeover looks like!

Fairy Houses before

Once more time… here’s the before.

After Fairy homes

And the after…

The difference is subtle, but it makes for a brighter, happier Fairy garden.

Is it perfect?

No, it is not, but I really love the happy colors and hope that my niece does too!

Until next time..



Fairy Garden Makeover

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