Fall Master Bedroom

Master bedroom bed

Happy Thursday! Today my friend Terrie with Decorate And More With Tip and I are sharing how we decorate a Fall Master Bedroom.

Terrie’s bedroom is absolutely beautiful so be sure and head on over there when you are finished here. I’ll be sure and share her site at the end to make it easy to find her!

When you last saw my Master Bedroom this is what it looked like.

fall bedroom

Here’s what it looks like now.

Not a huge change.

Just subtle ones to give it a cozy, warm felling for Fall.

Mostly in the bedding.

fall bedding


I started by adding navy and white pom shams, followed by my Pottery barn shams.

My navy and white pom bedding was purchased from Steinmart, however it wasn’t in stock when I checked so I found a similar one for you.

Once I had the shams in place it was time to add pillows.

Thibaut Asian Scenic pillow


I left one blue and white check pillow in the center of the bed since it matched the hangings behind the nightstands.

On either side of it  I added two Thibaut asian scenic pillows.

I had purchased these when I did the master refresh, but felt they were too heavy in color to use at the time.

By adding the Navy I felt like they were perfect for my Fall bedroom!


In front of the accent pillows a fluffy white fur lumbar pillow was added for some warmth.

fall bedding

At the end of the bed the quilt matching the navy and white pom shams was folded and added.

dresser with fall decor

Fall Accessories

Once my bedding was in place, it was time to add Fall accessories!

fall lantern

When I did my master refresh, I added this white lantern.

It already had the candle and greenery inside.

To make it more fall like, all I had to do was add some Dollar Tree berry garland and a few white pumpkins.

candlesticks and pumpkins

On the other end of the dresser I had placed these candlesticks.

It was super  easy to add fall decor by placing a few pumpkins at the base.


To add fall to the window side of the room, it was simply a matter of adding a heavy textured blue and white throw and some navy pom pillows!

Of course a few more pumpkins were added as well.

fall arrangment

The nightstands each received a few pumpkins, a fall floral arrangement and a fall scented candle.

Nothing says fall like the smell of sweet roasted marshmallows… my favorite!

fall bedroom

I hope that you enjoyed a tour of my Fall master bedroom.

Be sure and head on over to Terrie’s to see her beautiful fall colors and decor in her master!

Terrie's fall bedroom

Decorate And More With Tip

If you would like to see a video of my bedroom, head on over to my Facebook page.

Be sure and check back here tomorrow when I will be sharing my half bath all decorated for Fall.

Until next time…


fall master bedroom

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  1. Tammy, I love your new updated bedroom you recently created, but your Fall is right up there! I love all the touches your created in your Master bedroom for Fall. Each element brings the cozy feeling to the room. Thanks for sharing so many inspirations with us. Love your bedroom!

  2. It looks so elegant. Love all of you colors and just enough touches to make it feel falling.
    Is your bed queen or king?

    1. Thank you Linda. My bedding is a Queen. I know that’s unusual today, but The Hubs and I started out on a Queen when we got married and have never gone up to a King.

    2. Thank you Linda! My bedding is a Queen. I know that’s unusual but The Hubs and I started out in a Queen and we’ve just stayed there.

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