Fall Porch – stage 1

fall porch 8


Happy Monday morning!  I haven’t been in the mood to decorate for fall. AT. All!  It’s still in the 90’s most days here in Texas and well… it still feels like summer. Kinda hard to get in the mood when you are still drinking sweet iced tea and getting in the swimming pool.   I started on my fall porch a week or so ago with a new wreath.  LURVE it!  I finally made myself get in gear and start on the rest of the front porch.


Fall Wreath


For those of you who missed it, here is my new fall wreath… sigh.  I love the colors and simplicity of it.   Now – to finish the rest of the front porch.


Fall Wreath 1


Here is what I started with.  It’s really tiny, so decorating has to be at a minimum.  Which so goes against my nature!

As I mentioned earlier, it is still hot here.   Most of my flowers are still going strong.  Usually by now it has been well into the 100’s for weeks and they are looking puny, so I don’t mind ripping them out and starting over.  Cooler temps this year and I am having a hard time ripping out healthy plants.   I decided to weed out the droopy, tired plants and slowly add in my fall flowers.  Genius!   I didn’t realize how genius until I went shopping for new plants.  Not much to choose from.  Remember I said it was still in the 90’s here?


fall porch 6


A few years ago I saw a beautiful garland in Southern Living Magazine and HAD to have one.   It even has orange lights.  I do love a little bling!  I staple it to my door surround .( which is why I paint it so much! I really need to go with Command strips.) Now I have instant fall color even if  we don’t often get fall leaves here. Slowly getting a little closer to getting in the mood for fall now!


fall porch 5


Now for a little plant face lift! A close up of the before…


fall porch 4


After…. a few pumpkins, kale and pansy’s.  A little weeding out of tired plants and we are rocking’ the planters! My mortar looks like it has black mold on it… eeeekkkk!  The sprinkler system went off a short while before I decided to redo the porch and it still wasn’t dry!  I KNOW…. poor planning on my part!  But when the mood strikes….


fall porch 3


I did the same weeding  of old and adding new on the opposite side of the porch.


fall porch


Added a new rug.


fall porch 1


Stage 1- fall porch is complete.  For now.  As the flowers get wilty and tired, I will add in more fall/winter plants.  I plan on adding more pumpkins.  Guess I am just too picky and couldn’t find any that make me happy yet!  Maybe a few gourds?  As I said earlier, it is a tiny front porch so I have to be careful that I don’t fill it up to the point where you can’t walk with ease. Maybe  a surprise or two here and there?

Can’t wait to share Stage 2 of the fall porch with you when I get the new stuff.  Although at the rate I am going it may be Halloween decor!

Until next time….



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