Friday Favorites Part 3

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Friday Favorites

Since Christmas is just 71 days away, I’ve decided to share my Friday Favorites part 3. Not every Friday, that would be a lot of things. However, I promise that quite a few Fridays will be filled with wonderful things that I love. I’m hoping that a few of you love them too!

Walmart Christmas Ribbon

Christmas Ribbon

Around this time of year, if I see ribbon I love, I am buying it!

Not only do I wrap presents with it, I also use it on my tree.

I’ve learned the hard way that if it’s cute, it doesn’t stay in the store long.

These beautiful ribbons came from WalMart!

They had me at chenille.

And plaid.

Sam's Christmas ribbonAnd while I wold love to tell you that the beautiful red and white ribbons were the only ones I bought, I’d be lying if I told you that.

Is it considered a problem when you can’t pass up pretty ribbon?

These cute rolls of ribbon came from Sam’s Club.

At $6.99 a HUGE roll it’s a serious bargain.

And they are so cute!

leopard watch band

Apple Watch Band

I’ve had this watch band quite awhile and whenever I wear it I always get compliments on it.

I love that it’s leather as I’m not a big fan of the plastic bands that come with the watch.

A watch case comes with it, but I’ve honestly never used it.

This band is under $15.00  and you can find it here.

computer keyboard stickers

These keyboard stickers make me so happy every time I open my computer!

They were out of the ones that I have on my computer, however I did find these that are very similar.

I cannot tell you how much I love them!

chuck taylor's girls

Leopard Chuck Taylor Sneakers

Anybody who knows me knows my love of Chucks!

These sweet little leopard Chuck Taylors are just what any little girl needs.

I bought them for Beep and I can’t wait to give them to her.

I’m resisting the urge to add a little bling to them…


Gel Food Coloring

About a year ago I went to a cookie decorating class.

And fell in love with it.

However, there is one thing that I’ve always hated.

Using the gel food coloring when making the icing.

Most gels com in pots and you are suppose to use toothpicks to get the gel out.


This AmeriColor gel food color is in a squeeze bottle and is quite frankly amazing!

I used the black, which usually takes a ton of gel color to make, and only used a few drops for the blackest of black color.

Love. it!

sleep pant

Sleep Pants

These are by far my favorite of favorites!

Can you say soft?

And comfortable?

Yes, please!

Made from Bamboo for the softest light weight sleep pants you will ever wear.

Even if you don’t sleep in long pants, these make great lounge pants.

For under $20.00, you can’t go wrong.

Tip – size down.

I normally wear a medium and bought a small with plenty of room to spare!

travel bags


Suitcase Organizer Bag Sets

Some of you may be the Queen of packing and organization, but I am not.

I’m fairly neat, but as my vacation goes along my suitcase tends to get messier.

These organizer bags are the bomb and help keep things separated, sorted and easy to find.

With the holidays coming up and travel imminent for some of you, these would be the perfect solution for the suitcase challenged.

They come in many different colors and patterns and are well under $20.00.


That’s it for Friday Favorites part 3.

Hopefully you found something for you or maybe even the perfect gift for someone else!

Until next time….

Friday Favorites

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