Grandma Shirley’s Piano

This is the story of Grandma Shirley’s piano. The story of how it came to be is actually pretty funny considering that  I don’t even play the piano, however almost all the women in my husbands family do!


I purchased this piano from a local school that was having a garage sale.  When I purchased it I had another piano sitting in my house and had just sold one that was in my study. So why buy another one? That’s a good question!

piano cover

I could really get into great detail here, but it would take most of the day to explain it all.

Long story short, our family played musical pianos.

Pianos got shuffled, one got sold and one person was left without a piano.

Major communication let down.

Luckily, a local private school was having a garage sale and this piano was for sale.

It was super worn, but had a great sound and was the perfect size for Grandma Shirley!

My husband asked if we could paint this piano to match his mother’s personality.

Grandma Shirley's piano

This is what the final project looks like.

(Yes, that’s my piano in the back ground.)

Grandma Shirley’s piano has the three things that my mother-in-law loves.

Her family.

The color lavender.

And roses.

At Christmas the whole family snuck around, without Grandma knowing, and signed the piano lid.

rose on piano

I gave the piano a couple of coats of lavender paint.

Then painted a rose on the piano.


Red roses are her favorite, but I felt like pink matched the purple a little better.

Sorry Grandma!

Grandma shirley's piano

Unfortunately, the piano didn’t come with a bench.

However, we found this one at a consignment shop locally.

I think it matches pretty well.

Although we gave the piano to my MIL on her birthday, we haven’t delivered it yet.

The Hubs is hand carving her a music stand that attaches to the piano above the keys.

Crossing my fingers that it will be done and ready for delivery soon, so that Grandma Shirley can enjoy it.

Until next time….






    1. Thanks Cindy. Unfortunately, or fortunately not sure which, this piano needed to be painted or refinished badly. Hence, the paint job. My mother-in-law loved the piano. I can’t wait to get it delivered.

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