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Happy Mardi Gras

Mardi G 8

Happy Mardi Gras y’all!  I thank God for good friends.  In a former life my Hubs was a banker at a savings and loan. He was sent to Georgia for a banking conference and was fortunate enough to meet one of the best friends of his life, Dennis. Dennis was from the Gulf coast area and was more than happy to share his life and traditions with us.

Before Dennis, I – like many others – thought Mardi Gras was a New Orleans, Bourbon Street thing. It is for some, but simply put, for a large majority it is the celebration of the three Wisemen finding the baby Jesus. Now I realize that it is much more than flashing ta ta’s, being over served, parades and beads. It is a wonderful experience that brings  like minded people together  for a pre-Easter celebration. Good food, good fun and good friends. Okay…maybe a parade and grabbing a few beads along the way too!

Here in North Texas there isn’t much Mardi Gras celebrating going on. I still like to pull out the beads, the feathers, the shiny and decorate. I have learned to make King Cake and quietly celebrate all the while thinking of Dennis and his family amidst all the fun.

Mardi G 7

My chalkboard…

Mardi G

My kitchen table. This year Mardi Gras season was really short. So decorating was at a minimum.

Mardi G 1

Decorating for Mardi Gras is so easy because even though the main colors are green, gold and purple, you still see all kinds of colors mixed in.

My table is really simple. Green and hot pink placemats. Gold chargers. White plates. Royal purple napkins with beaded crown napkin rings.  Fun glasses. Crowns, beads, more beads, and feathers.

Mardi G

Pink Beads,  green beads,  white beads, blue beads, gold beads …did I mention beads?

Mardi G 5

Even the chairs get their own beads.  Business in the front…

Mardi G 4

With a party in the back!

Mardi G 3

Makes me smile every time I look at it!

Thanks Dennis!

Until next time….



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  1. Love it !!! I’m a Louisiana girl ! I love your chalkboard!!! Would love one like it !!
    Happy Mardi Gras !! 🎉💜💛💚

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