Hello Cumberland Trail

Hello Cumberland Trail

Well, it’s official. We said good-bye to Saddlewood Court and said hello Cumberland Trail.

We’ve jokingly said that we are homeless, as we still have a week before Cumberland will be ready for us to live there.

You might say that the new house is a bit of a fixer upper.

For the next week we will be having a few new renovations done before we move in.


New flooring will replace the old tile.

hardwood flooring and carpet

I have to admit that it’s been fun choosing new flooring.

Hardwoods, carpet….


And tile.

Beautiful, glorious tile.

The new house will be a little more neutral than the last.

Also, a little more bold.

Wall paper

Remember I said that it was a fixer upper?

There are a ton of projects that we can’t wait to start.

We are saying goodbye to a LOT of wallpaper.

Adding a new colors, textures and hopefully a bit of fun.


Lots and Lots of cabinets to paint!

Backsplashes to be replaced.

And, if I can talk The Hubs into it, new countertops to be chosen.


I’m going to share a secret.

This will be our first project.

While I love the fireplace from the mantle down, the mantle up isn’t exactly to my taste.

So The Hubs and I have a plan!

As you can see, the carpet has seen better days, hence the need for new flooring before we will move in.

Klien blue desk

One of the things that I am most excited about is my new studio.

It’s much larger than my last one and I’ve got the most fabulous desk to put in there!


So, while the floors are being replaced, the dust will be flying and I will be on the back porch.

This is my view.

So, Hello Cumberland Trail!

Until next time…..


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