How To Dress Up A Pumpkin

dollar tree pumpkin

Happy September 10th! Today is $10 on the 10th and our theme this month is Fall. Which I am very excited about. I’m all about Fall right now. Today I’m sharing how to dress up a pumpkin.

Under $10 on the 10th

Dressing up a pumpkin is easier than it sounds.

It’s also very cost friendly if you do it right!

Here are the supplies that you will need to dress up your pumpkin:

Dollar Tree Pumpkin

Acrylic Paint

Paint brush

Paper Towels

Stem – I used an extra door knob


Hot Glue gun

Hot glue

4 Toothpicks

removing a pumpkin stem

Step 1

Remove your pumpkin stem.

Which is super easy as these stems are only attached to the pumpkin using a toothpick.


adding toothpicks and painting a pumpkin

Step 2

Add toothpicks to the bottom of your pumpkin, space them evenly in a square pattern.

The toothpicks will help elevate your pumpkin until the paint dries.

Start painting on the bottom of the pumpkin, flip it over and paint the sides and top.

painting accents on pumpkin

Step 3

Antique your pumpkin.

Using a shade darker paint than your base coat of paint, paint in the creases of the pumpkin.

antiquing a pumpkin

Using a paper towel, immediately spread and wipe the paint off.

This makes the creases darker and gives the pumpkin some dimension.

creating a hole in a pumpkin

Step 4

Create a hole in the top of your pumpkin.

You will need to create a hole in the top of your pumpkin for a stem.

Using a pair of scissors create a small hole in the top slightly smaller in diameter than the object you will be using as a stem.

TIP: You don’t want to make this too large.

adding leaves to a pumpkin

Step 5

Glue on leaves.

Using the leaves of your choice, glue them to the top of the pumpkin.

Make sure you leave the hole open to attach a stem.

adding a stem to a pumpkin

Step 6

Attach a stem to your pumpkin.

Now it’s time to attach your pumpkin stem.

I decided to use an extra drawer/door knob I had lying around.

However, the list is endless as to what you could use for a stem.

A real dried pumpkin stem, a wine cork, a stick, a silverware handle, cinnamon sticks or even a moulded clay stem are just a few possibilities.

Whatever you are using, I recommend placing hot glue into the hole you created for the stem.

Then placing your stem into the hole.

how to dress up a pumpkin

Step 7

Add a little “jewelry” to your pumpkin.

This is the fun part.

Add ribbon, rhinestones or whatever your heart desires to finish off dressing up your pumpkin.

How to dress up a pumpkin

So exactly how much did it cost to dress up my pumpkin?

Pumpkin –       $1.00

Leopard Leather Leaves –    .50     ( they are on sale for $2.99 and there are 12 in the bag)

Door knob –   $1.59       (They came in a set of 10 for $15.99. I had one left over)

Everything else I had in my crafting supplies.

Total:  $3.09 plus tax.

Even if I had to purchase paint, glue sticks and raffia or ribbon I would be well under $10.00!

dressed up pumpkins

Now that I’ve shared how to dress up a pumpkin with you, I hope that you will join me in visiting all of the other $10 on the 10th participants and see what they’ve made for fall!

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Until next time…

How To Dress Up A Pumpkin

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