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Blogger's DIY Choice Challenge

Welcome to August’s DIY Challenge. This months challenge was blogger’s choice! Woo Hoo! I chose to share how to make a lazy susan with you. And not only am I building a lazy susan, I’m sharing how to paint it to look like wooden slats. But wait, there’s more. I’m also painting a design on it to match my office decor. More on that in a minute.

A Great big thank you to Terrie from Decorate and More With Tip for organizing all of us. I know it has to be like herding cats or toddlers each and every month.

If you are here from  Purple Hues and Me, didn’t you just love her basket?  I’m so happy that you are here.

tiered tray with markers

I may or may not have a problem of having more markers, pens, brush markers etc.. than the average person.

Since I love to do hand lettering it’s only  natural that I have a ton of them right?

markers on desk

On top of hoarding pens, I’m also a creative.

Which can lead to a messy work space.

This is how I’ve been storing my pens and markers on my desk.

Everything is hard to reach and I’m always rearranging or moving the pens and containers.

So I thought that making a lazy susan would be the perfect way to get a little more organized.

lazy susan supplies


Here’s what you will need to make one.

1 – 18″ wooden round




Paint brushes

Clear spray top coat

marking lines on lazy susan

Step 1

Paint your wooden round with white paint.

This may take several coats of paint.

Remember to paint the backside also.

Once your paint has dried, lightly mark your wooden round every 4.5 inches with a pencil.

Then make horizontal lines where your pencil marks are.

Tip: be sure to make these very light so that the pencil lines don’t show through the paint on the next step.

painted lines

Step 2

Paint the lines you just marked with brown paint to create the wooden slat look.

I laid my ruler down next to the lines that I just marked.

Then using a liner paintbrush loaded with brown paint, I painted lines using the ruler as a guide.

This is what it looks like when you are done.

Be sure to wipe your ruler off after every line painted or you will make a huge mess!

painting lines

Step 3

Blur the painted line.

After painting your line, before it dries, lightly blur the line.

To do this I used a short stubby paint brush and lightly went over the line in one fluid stroke.

Do Steps 2 and 3 until you have painted and blurred all marked lines across your wooden round.


painted lazy susan

Step 4

Paint or stencil the design of your choice on your wooden board.

Since I wanted to match my office decor I painted this floral design onto my wooden board.

However, you can always add a decal, stencil or decoupage the wooden piece to fit your decor.

lazy susan and clear coat

Step 5

Give your painted wooden piece a couple of coats of clear spray paint.

hardware for lazy susan

Step 6

Attach the hardware to your wooden round

marking holes to attach the hardware

Step 7

Find the center of your wooden round and attach the hardware.

My wooden round was 18″ in diameter, so I found the 9″ center.

Lay your hardware in the center of your round.

Mark your holes.

drilling pilot holes

Pre-drill your holes for the screws.

lazy susan hardware

Lay your hardware back over your pre-drilled holes and screw the hardware to your wooden round.

Now, if I have totally confused you, don’t worry.

Each hardware kit has very detailed instructions that are easy to follow.

Once your hardware is attached, your lazy susan is ready to go!

And boy is it so much neater and easier to access all of my pens and markers.

It doesn’t hurt that it looks cute and matches my office either.

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How to make a lazy susan

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  1. Your lazy susan looks fabulous, Tammy! And it goes so well in your beautifully decorated office – which btw, looks like it should be featured in an upscale home magazine! It’s certainly gives off a WOW factor! You made it seem so easy to create your lazy susan! You have some serious woodworking and painting skills! Great job!

    1. Thank you Gail, that makes my day! I have to admit that my office decor was a BIG step out of my comfort zone when I decorated it a year ago… but so happy with it. If you have to work a lot in a space, you should love it, right? Have a great day!

  2. I love my spin caddie and know I would love a lazy susan to place next to it. Thanks for the tutorial and the push to create one for my craft room. I think I would like to use it when working on a project when I paint. This would be great to add the item I am painting so I can turn it around with ease. Thanks Tammy!

    1. You are so right Terrie, it would be great to use when painting! In fact, I have a spray tent that I use a Walmart lazy susan, then place a large peg board circle on when spray painting. Makes life so much easier!

  3. Well I love this. Yours turned out so cute and sounds much less expensive than the one I bought a couple of years ago from Pier 1! Good thing for me I had some “reward” points! Stay cool my friend!

    1. Thank goodness for reward points, right? Although my husband reminds me often that if I have points that means I spent money to get them…lol! Thankfully I don’t listen to him often.

  4. I love this!! This lazy susan turned out so cute!! I have always wanted to make one, but never knew the proper hardware to use. I can’t wait to make one now! thank you for sharing!!

    1. It’s so easy to wake up one morning and find that you have more pen and markers than you ever thought possible! lol!

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