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How to Make A Loop Yarn Wreath

8 women in front of a fireplace

Another Queen’s Christmas party is in the books. I just love these women! Even though we don’t see each other as often as we’d like, when we get together it’s like we were never apart. I know that I could give any, or all, a call, and they would show up with shovels, tarps, a cocktail and alibis! That’s true friendship in my book. Every year, on the first Saturday in December, we get together to celebrate. We eat. We talk – all at the same time, over each other and at loud decibels. And for the past 4 years we make a “make and take” craft. This year I shared how to make a loop yarn wreath.

supples to make a loop yarn wreath

I saw a video on Youtube earlier in the year on how to make one and knew instantly that this would be The Queen’s craft this year.

In case you want to make one this is what you will need:

1 – 12 inch styrofoam wreath
1 and 1/2 skeins of Loop It white yarn
3 -4 straight pins
Mini Bottle Brush Trees or other mini ornaments
Optional: hot glue gun and glue

attaching loop yarn to a wreath

Step 1: Take the end of your loop yarn and attach it to the wreath using a straight pin. Don’t worry about the color of the pin head. You won’t be able to  see it.

Once you have your yarn attached to the wreath, start wrapping the yarn around the wreath form. You want to make sure that you are wrapping the yarn firmly around the wreath. Not too tight though! At first I was wrapping it so tightly that it broke the wreath in half! Every two or three wraps, push the yarn together so that it bunches up tightly.

white loop yarn wreath

When you are all done, this is what your wreath will look like.

3 mini bottle brush trees

Next step, decorate your wreath! I used these mini bottle brush trees that were featured in the video; however, The Queens all had great ideas to add to or replace the trees. Trees with a little red bird, mini snowmen, mini angels – the possibilities are endless!

I found these trees on Amazon. You can see the ones I bought here. They came in a box and there were 4 different sizes.

bottle brush trees in a loop yarn wreath

I just tucked the trees into the loops of yarn where I wanted them and they stayed perfectly. However, since The Queens were traveling with them, they hot glued them into place.

small ribbon bow

The final embellishment was a 6 or 7 inch bow. In the video I watched they didn’t add a bow to theirs. But we are in Tammyland and this Queen liked a little more bling than the one in the video!

women making wreaths

Before I share with you the finished wreath, I wanted to show you the Queens wreaths. I think that this was a fun, fairly simple craft project. So much so that a few of The Queens are planning to make a few more!

loop yarn wreath hanging in an entry

I hung my finished wreath in my entry and I love it! So simple, yet elegant at the same time.

command strip hanger

One last tip.
Hanging the wreath was super easy to do using this Command strip hanger. For two reasons. The Command strip hook sticks to almost anything. And the loops on the yarn make for a natural hanger for the wreath! Ya gotta love how simple that is. Happy wreath making!
Until next time…..

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    1. Yes, it’s wrapped firmly enough that one of the “loops” holds the wreath up on the command hook perfectly. However, if you aren’t thrilled with this method you could always wrap wire around the wreath before adding the loop yarn to the wreath form. Hope this helps.

  1. This Tammy says… You did A stunning job Tammy. I can’t wait to get to the dollar tree tomorrow!!! ❤️

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