How To Make A Rae Dunn Style Ornament

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I was recently on Pinterest and there was a blogger featuring how to  make her version of Rae Dunn ornaments. Say what? I was so intrigued and after reading her instructions,  I thought that I could make a few as gifts for family and friends.  Here’s how to make a Rae Dunn style ornament!


Here are the supplies that you will need to make your own ornaments.

Black vinyl

Cricut or Silhouette style vinyl cutting machine

White ornaments

Transfer tape or if you don’t have transfer tape you can use Glad press and seal !


First things first.

The font.

You recognize Rae Dunn merchandise right off the bat because of her font.

Because I love you, I’m going to share where to get that font FREE!

The name of the font is The Skinny and you can find it here.

While The Skinny isn’t a perfect match, it’s pretty darn close!

Once you have it downloaded onto your computer, you can use your vinyl cutting machine to design your ornament decal.

I chose to use the names of the people I would be gifting instead of generic Christmas words.

Now, what if you don’t have a vinyl cutting machine? 

Well, there are places that you can buy precut vinyl decals for your ornaments. 

You can see those here.


Now that you have made your designs, simply cut out your decals.

Next, “weed” your vinyl cut outs. 

This simply means take away all of the extra vinyl that you wont use.


Once the weeding is done,  put transfer tape on top of the decal and give it a good burnishing.

I use an old card to make sure that the transfer tape is firmly affixed to the vinyl.


Here’s a quick tip:

I use a coffee cup with a small opening, lay a wash cloth over the opening to hold my ornament in place.

The wash cloth also gives the ornament a nice soft place to lay so that it wont break.


Next step, remove the decal backing.

This should leave your vinyl attached to the transfer tape.

 Center the decal on the ornament, then attached the vinyl.

I like to start in the center and work my way out when doing this.


Be sure to gently rub over the vinyl to make sure that the vinyl is firmly attached to the ornament.


Honestly, I could have stopped there and my ornaments would be perfect just as they are.

However, I  decided to add ribbon to match my gift recipients trees.


How did they turn out?

I think that they are pretty cute.

Hopefully, my friends and family will too!

Until next time… 

Tammy from Patina and Paint

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