I Love Terrariums

I love terrariums

Anybody who knows me well knows that I love to garden and I love glass. Which may be why I love terrariums. All that goodness rolled into one thing. Makes me so happy!

My love of terrariums may date back to my short lived membership in 4H.

I joined at the end of school my 5th grade year, just in time to make a terrarium in an old 5 gallon pickle jar and an ill fated homesick trip to camp.

I was hooked on the terrarium, even if 4H was not for me.

glass jar

Recently, I was cleaning out a cabinet and came across this glass container and thought it would make a good terrarium.

Plus, it’s the time of year that I start getting antsy, wanting to get out in the garden and enjoy mother nature, even if I know better.

I love terrariums

It occurred to me that I might not be alone in my need to grow something green, so I thought that I would share how to make a simple terrarium with you!

Supply list:

A large container

Potting soil



Plants suitable for terrariums. If you are not certain which to buy, your local nursery should be more than happy to help.


First, add rocks.

The rocks help with the drainage.

I love terrariums

Next, add a 1″ layer of charcoal.

While, the charcoal isn’t necessary it helps the rocks with the drainage.

I’ve skipped this part in the past and regretted it! #mold

I love terrariums

Step 3, add enough potting soil to plant your plants!

I love terrariums

Now for my favorite part, planting the plants.

Be creative and have fun with their placement!

plants and bird

I decided to have a little fun with my terrarium and added the sweetest turquoise bird.

However, you could leave yours plain.

Just remember, make sure what you are adding is water proof.

I love terrariums

Last, add water.

Luckily for the plants, you rarely have to add water to the plants in a terrarium.

It’s basically it’s own ecosystem.

However, once in a great while I find that I have to add some if it gets to dry.

Think rainforest, not desert!

I love terrariums

One last piece of advice, I like to put my terrarium where it gets a good amount of natural sun light, avoiding direct sun.

A nice thing about a terrarium is that if it isn’t happy with the sunlight, you can just move it!

It is amazing that such a simple thing can make this girl so happy!

Have I mentioned that I love terrariums?

Until next time…


    1. Thank you Cindy, I’m not sure if succulents can be put into terrariums. Good question! I guess I need to look that up.

  1. Honey, I love this!! I too was in 4H…sewing was my specialty…I didn’t do it well. My first project was an ugly apron. I made a few more things after that but finally gave it up. I know my sewing machine was so thankful! 🙂 Okay, you’ve inspired me. I have a vintage Tom’s jar sitting in the pantry doing nothing. Maybe a terrarium is exactly what it needs. I have a brown thumb, but surely, I can’t screw it up too badly, right?!? 🙂 Happy weekend! Love and hugs!

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